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  1. 65Firebird

    My guitar kit V

    What type? I've been looking at there explorer kit.
  2. 65Firebird

    My guitar kit V

    Looks great, is it a Precision Guitar Kit?
  3. 65Firebird

    NGD! Late 1953 Les Paul Standard / 3 2390 / Joining the 50s Les Paul Club

    I saw the video Joel did on Facebook with this guitar and wondered where it got to. Congrats, great to see it stayed in Oz. Enjoy(y)
  4. 65Firebird

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    My '96 R6, has a chunky but comfortable neck.
  5. 65Firebird

    Other people playing your guitars...

    I've always let players try my guitars and never had a problem. When I was in my early teens I had been playing for a few years and only had acheap acoustic, my uncle lent me his early '60's Gretsch Country Club and a practice amp for months. I'm now in my mid fifties and to this day I'm...
  6. 65Firebird

    Band of Gypsys

    This album will always be special to me, It was my first.
  7. 65Firebird

    NGD 2019 56 Goldtop aka “The Defaced”

    Yes, my R6 has the same checking, it adds character in my opinion.
  8. 65Firebird

    Schaller Locks Spinning

    I use a small amount of locktite on the thread and then tighten the nut.
  9. 65Firebird

    Six favorite guitarists...

    6 more
  10. 65Firebird

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Did Pete play them or smash them??
  11. 65Firebird

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Hi, was wondering about your favorite players that played a Les Paul Deluxe. Scott Gorham was the first I thought of.
  12. 65Firebird

    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    Congratulations, looking forward to a photo with her stable mates.👀
  13. 65Firebird

    1959 & 1960 ES330's.

    Vintage ES-330's are real gems, here is my '59, single pickup sounds great plugged in or not and a real comfortable neck. Bought at least 25 years ago, has a few non original parts but she's a keeper obviously.
  14. 65Firebird

    Who's your favourite Australian guitarist?

    Thought I might resurrect this thread to showcase a fine guitar player.