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  1. 8ohms

    F/S. Origin RD Compact Hot Rod

    Like new condition. In original box with paperwork. $300 Shipped to continental US. Not sure how to post pic’s here. I have them for those interested.
  2. 8ohms

    ABM 2500N Brass Tuneomatic Bridge Aged Nickel

    Selling an all brass ABM Tuneomatic Bridge in as new condition. Pro slotted for the perfect string spread on your Les Paul. PayPal with fast USPS priority shipping. Email for pics. Not sure how or if I can attach them here. $90 shipped in continental US
  3. 8ohms

    Current Gibson Tailpiece Studs

    Current Gibson Tailpiece Studs and Bushings Apparently Gibson changed over to steel studs not to long ago. My mid 2011 R9 has them. But what about the bushings? I haven't had my guitar apart yet to take a real good look. Can anyone positively confirm they are using steel bushings or zinc.
  4. 8ohms

    Throbak vs Stephens

    I've been spending a lot of time recently, researching pickups to replace my 2011 R9 Burstbuckers. From the youtube and demo files I've heard, I feel the Stephens have more of the tone I'm looking for. I'm worried this could simply be the quality of the videos I've been watching. The quality is...
  5. 8ohms

    Historic Makeover Goldtop

    Been meaning to post some pics of my recent historic makeover Goldtop. I posted these in another thread, but wanted to share them in their own. Kim and his crew did a fantastic job and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. Kim's customer service is first class every step of the way...
  6. 8ohms

    Gil Yaron Rings

    Just picked up a set of Gil's rings, very nice, but not sure if I'm going to use these or not. Any takers?
  7. 8ohms

    Comments on a 1995 59 reissue..

    I've got a line on a few 95' historic 59 reissues, but I'm not really familiar with the mid nineties les pauls. How accurate are they from this era and are they more or less desirable than what's being made today. I've seen some killer tops from these early years.
  8. 8ohms

    2" Nickel plated ABR Brass post's

    Anyone have any of these they'd like to sell or part with, or perhaps know of a source. I'm currently using 2" stainless steel, which sounds pretty darn good, however I'd like to see If I'm missing anything. Thanks.
  9. 8ohms

    2009 Gibson True Vintage J45

    Curious if this guitar has the typical Gibson truss rod condom treatment. I don't see much info on these.
  10. 8ohms

    Anyone been to tradetang.com?

    Anyone seen this website? Is it a scam? How can they offer guitars that look like that for so little money.
  11. 8ohms

    Your thoughts on the 09 50th anniversary 59 Les Paul

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 59 Les Paul and have seen a few 09 50th anniversary models I really like. Gibson's description seems to imply it is a little more period correct and more refined than the average 59 historic. I haven't played or seen one up close so I can't pass judgement. Are they...
  12. 8ohms

    Pigtail ABR1

    I just picked up a Pigtail ABR1 and the casting on the top of the bridge, just under the saddles is a bit rough looking. Not nearly as smooth and polished as the original that came on my historic. It looks like it's from the casting process itself. Is this how its suppose to look? Are the real...
  13. 8ohms

    Tone difference between the LP special, R4 and R6

    I've got a 57' Gold top I love, but I've been hankering for P90 tone for sometime now. I really dig the historic LP Special single cut, both in tone and play wise, but I've yet to compare it to an R4 or R6. I guess the big difference here is the maple cap and additional weight. Having not played...
  14. 8ohms

    Covers on or off for tone

    While I had the cover off my bridge fillmore I thought I'd give it a try. I think I may like it better but still unsure. Sounds a bit hotter and brighter. How do you guys feel about the covers? I'm not talking about looks, just tone wise.
  15. 8ohms

    another Fillmore clip

    Here's another Fillmore clip for those interested in hearing these fabulous pickups. It's my 57 historic reissue with the fillmores straight into a 74' Marshall 50 watt and matching 4x12 cab, (original greenbacks). A hotplate was also used to attenuate the signal. I used an sm57 close miked...