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  1. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    Too each their own, again sometimes I find other people worry too much about what avenues others go down. I try to just follow my own tone search and help others on theirs. A Boss Katana may work for you but it’s not my cup of tea. You may like your stock Pups or harnesses I have found...
  2. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    Every part of the guitar and from the guitar affects tone. From the pickups to pot and cap values. Cable impedance, signal chain, buffers, tube types, speakers, cone material, magnets , speaker wires, etc…. They are all a pieces of the puzzle. Some people are always looking for that...
  3. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    To each their own, Tone is a personal search. Some people are happy with straight into an amp. Some people like effects. The funny thing about our search is that it is our own. Just because mine differs doesn’t mean my way or beliefs are the best. So I don’t bash people for what they...
  4. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    🤔I guess Eric Johnson has been wrong all these years…. Once again, if it’s in the internet in a forum, it must be true 😉 😂
  5. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I just told Reverb to give me a refund also. Would have liked to try also. The saddest part is the guy was a member here for almost 20 years and ruined his reputation here and who knows what kind of legal trouble he will be in from Reverb considering there are quite a few sales we know of...
  6. ajtonly1

    Tyler I have tried making contact with and am offering you a chance at making this right. If...

    Tyler I have tried making contact with and am offering you a chance at making this right. If you want to send the harness and keep the cash I am fine with that. I understand we all go through tough times more than most people. If you just want to issue a refund then just give me the the...
  7. ajtonly1

    Tyler man, it’s Alex that is deployed. I’m coming home next week and want to give you a chance...

    Tyler man, it’s Alex that is deployed. I’m coming home next week and want to give you a chance on shipping my order. Come on man. You had a good reputation and hope you make good on this
  8. ajtonly1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I put in an order also. Given I know family and personal matters happen, I am giving him a chance to make this right. I contacted reverb to get involved and let him know, I’ll take my order still. I hope he makes it right, seeing as he seemed like a good individual. I’m military and deployed...
  9. ajtonly1

    My Bassman hates my Fuzz Face!

    Fuzz faces like seeing an amp on the edge of breakup or into a overdriven amp. Also, don’t assume the fuzz knob needs to be cranked to get your desired sound. A lot of times it is too much gain and farts out regardless if silicon, which the Johnson is, or germanium.
  10. ajtonly1

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    how about just thoughts, we can wait on the recording
  11. ajtonly1

    Need some info on this Marshall

    yup real Marshall cab, Ron sig can be found in a lot of 70s era cabs, right handles for post 1971 cab (they're plastic) serial numbers are hard but put it 74-78. if you like the 15s try some Fullbacks they are stellar, way better than those realistics i bet lol
  12. ajtonly1

    Post a YouTube video of a Historic ,,,,,,

    I never say people suck or are shit because we all have our own tastes.. I've heard her sing and thought, she's amazing but most times, just not my cup of tea......... this goes for guitarists too, we all have our likes or dislikes, nobody is right or wrong, if we all liked the same music, the...
  13. ajtonly1

    Other people playing your guitars...

    i've offered guitars, amps, and pedals to recoreding musicians and youtubers, free no charge........... I play the guitar, i am not a musician........... the gear I have been lucky enough to gather and enjoy was also meant for others to hear. If it is creating music for people, what good is...
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