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Bruce R

Bruce Reed
Ventura, CA
Current Gear
'69 Gibson LP Custom
'14 Gibson R0 Gloss
'07 Gibson 1960 Les Paul TV Special
'83 American Standard Strat
'96 Fender Custom Telecaster (MIJ '63 reissue)
'13 Partscaster Esquire

'62 Fender Deluxe Amp
Marshall 2061x & 2061cx
Marshall Class 5
'61 Fender Concert Amp
'59 Fender Reissue Bassman LTD
'57 Fender Reissue Deluxe Amp
Previous Gear
'68 LP Standard (Goldtop)
'68 LP Custom
'54 LP Standard
'63 SG Special
'55 Stratocaster (stolen in '82)
(and yes, I wished I had them all back!)
Musical Influences
Jeff Beck
Peter Green
Paul Kossoff
Les Paul
Mick Ralphs
Mick Abrahams


"Know tubes, know tone. No tubes, no tone"



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