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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    Looking at the notes in my database, since 1988 I have personally handled/inspected/setup and repaired 3 1950s Gibson Korina Vs with excellent provenance that had what I believe to be factory original maroon lined Gibson cases. Two were 1958 and the other was a 1959. One of the 1958s was...
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    BB King's Live at the Regal ES-335

    I never cared for the Varitone and I guess if you followed the prices of used ES-335/345/355 guitars over the years most people didn't either. But it is an interesting circuit, designed by a very nice man and great engineer who among dozens of other things also designed the Gibson AlNiCo Staple...
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    1952 Les Paul + Fender Deluxe 5c3: getting appraised soon

    Nice looking pair superbad, do you know if they were originally purchased together at the same time from the same music store? The Fender Deluxe appears to be from April 1953 which means it is likely from the first batch of Wide Panel 5C3 models. It would be interesting to see the 3 numbers...
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    Burst Pic of the Week: Don't call me Bernice!

    Guitarbob, Bernice is actually 9 0695 and it has a clean, clear black ink stamp that is easy to read, but the '6' could be mistaken for an '8' in a low-res picture. Unlike 9 0895, Bernice was no longer cherry on the back of the headstock (if it ever was) when I saw it up close about 25 years...