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    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    Yes ! Eight pounds-seen on my scale at my store. My 1957 Goldtop is 8 1/2 lbs and the scale is correct !
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    LP Classic/1960 Reissue myth?

    Did you play with "Hoochie" ? I think I remember the Hiwatt and that guitar talking to you at Playground South in jacksonville Fl in 1981
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    LP Classic/1960 Reissue myth?

    Hey 1 fastdog ! Did you play guitar with " Hoochie" out of the Tampa area ? I think I spoke to you at Playground South in Jacksonville Fl around 1981
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    A Burst Story

    Great story !!!!
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    Joe Bonamassa Playing Vintagr Les Pauls in Jacksonville Fl.

    Hey Guys! I had the pleasure of a visit in my shop last Saturday evening by Joe and his tech Mike and found them both to be very great guys and very up on their vintage guitar education! They easily "birddogged" the real vintage items in my scrapbook from days gone by. I am posting this in the...
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    Historic Makeovers Gold Bonnett Knobs

    WOW!!! Today I got in something that FINALLY delivers as promised. Kim and Historic Makeovers have NAILED the 1956 through early/mid 1960 gold knobs. I have seen them all and these nail the Gold hue and top dimple dead on. Everyone raves about previous attempts--many like the ones I have done...
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    Off Center seam on Historic Les Paul Bursts

    Has anyone else seen/owned a Burst with the top seam a little off center? Look at the last picture of vintage 58's LP under his "Flitch" thread. The place to look is at the tailpiece between the string ball ends between the G and D strings. In TBOB book, I saw at least one orig. 59 and one 60...
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    Has anyone heard from Tony Dukes?

    I did some '50's Les Paul trading with Tony Dukes, the often mentioned vintage trader from Houston, back in the late 1970's and early 1980's.Does anyone know what happened to him or how to contact him?