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  1. chuckNC

    Guitars That The Ladies Like ....?

    I know that most women don't care passionately about guitars. That's okay, I don't care passionately about home furnishings. But I was surprised one day to hear my wife (who was watching one of the bazillion country music awards shows on TV) say, "that's a pretty guitar!" I had to come and...
  2. chuckNC

    Guitar Solos That MUST Be Played Note-For-Note

    I am not one to start threads often, but I agree that this is a good topic to explore. I admit to being one of those guys who'd rather improvise my solos. But, once in a while, I find that nothing I come up with works near as well as the original solo on the record. I have never improvised...
  3. chuckNC

    Blackface (NON-Reverb) Deluxe?

    There seem to be a few of these floating around right now. I know it's a bit of a different circuit to a brown Deluxe. Just wondering how they sound in comparison. There's guys here who would know, I'm sure. Opinions?