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Recent content by cincyguitar

  1. cincyguitar

    The least expensive tube amp

    I had that Monoprice 5 watt amp.....it sounded great till it started blowing fuses....nothing but junk now !
  2. cincyguitar

    NGD yesterday; 2016 Standard T Fireball

    Congrats on the new LP !
  3. cincyguitar

    NGD! 60s Les Paul Unburst

    Congrats on the new LP!
  4. cincyguitar

    Trying to find my dads guitar

    That Gold Top may be worth big bucks now too.....if you find it better break your piggy bank...:)
  5. cincyguitar

    Derek with his 57 GT doing the Dominos

    I saw Derek and the Dominoes preform this..way back in 70.....this version brought back good memories of that !
  6. cincyguitar

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    That Zoot Suit SG makes me want to do a Pete Townshend and smash the heck out of it....:geek:
  7. cincyguitar

    1952 Les Paul + Fender Deluxe 5c3: getting appraised soon

    I have 55 Fender Deluxe......hiding in my closet.......got me running to see the serial no....:)
  8. cincyguitar

    My 67 SG Standard

    I have a 67 SG too.....its been thru the wars.....but still plays and sounds great....:)
  9. cincyguitar

    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    If I named all of my 10 guitars....I would never remember them all....but my Fave LP is called Red
  10. cincyguitar

    Modern Gibson USA Les Paul Natural Aging / Fading-5yrs Difference

    I sure wish my Heritage Sunburst would darker like that....has a nice look to it now !
  11. cincyguitar

    NG: 1960 Les Paul Standard new style

    Thats a beautiful Les Paul....almost bought one years ago...but it had neck damage..wish I would have bought it anyway.....Thanks for that sexy pic !
  12. cincyguitar

    Claptons Lost Burst.

    I got the issue!....Now to dig into the search for Beano!
  13. cincyguitar

    NGD: 2020 Les Paul Junior - Ebony

    Congrats....can never have too many LP's..!
  14. cincyguitar

    1963 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom with Bigsby and PAFs

    Thats an awesome SG/LP........sure would like to play that !
  15. cincyguitar

    2018 Les Paul Traditional

    My 2017 Les Paul Trad Pro and my bluesbreaker