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  1. cjp54

    Killer 50's staple loaded Custom...

    Great video! Is Steve playing a Les Paul Junior with an Epiphone pickguard on it?
  2. cjp54


    Attaching photos are super easy. Nice!!
  3. cjp54

    Anybody recognize this carbon fiber Les Paul case?

    I emailed for a quote for a Les Paul Case. Here's the response. Right around $1385 US. - 10%. Not including croatian VAT (Whatever that might be). Looks like you'd need a few more dimensions for a Les Paul. "for next few day we have 10% off for all cases, so the price for ultralight guitar case...
  4. cjp54

    2019 LFP Calender?

    Will there be a 2019 LPF Calendar coming out in the new year? @CDaughtry
  5. cjp54

    Thin P90 covers?

    What year did they stop using the really thin P90 pickup covers? Also wondering if the routes were more narrow or not?
  6. cjp54

    2 piece LP Junior bodies?

    Were there any 2 piece mahogany junior bodies in the 50's?
  7. cjp54

    Help ID this 59!

    I posted this a few years ago and someone posted a link that said its "this guitar" but the link no longer works. Which 59 is Uncle Lou holding? Photo taken in the 90's at Santa Monica Guitar Show. Thanks!
  8. cjp54

    1959 in 1979 Photo at a club!

    Here's a photo I took of a friends' 1959? in Niagara Falls in 1979 at the Aladdin Lounge. Wish I knew the serial number. I tried to paste in the URL but it said the file's too large. Anyone know the size limit of a jpeg?
  9. cjp54

    1966 Telecaster Regret!

    Here's a few photos of a 1966 Telecaster I owned in the 90's. It was my first Tele and wasn't quite into them at the time. 100% original with factory wide frets and the flamiest neck I've ever seen on an old Tele. This is one of only a couple guitars I regret selling. You can't keep them all...
  10. cjp54

    1969 Les Paul Gold Top ???

    Let me tell the story of this gold top. Purchased by me in the late 80's described as a 1968 which I don't believe because of the photo evidence shown. I believe it might be a 1969 Deluxe?? I'd like everyone's opinion on what you believe it to be and why!! I wish now we (my cousin and I who now...
  11. cjp54

    NGD Historic SG Standard, Custom Ordered

    Here's a few shots of my cousin Franks new Historic Custom Shop SG Standard, Custom Ordered to his specs. 6 month wait. Les Paul Neck Specs Grovers See through TV White Finish Light Weight 6.17 lbs BB1 and BB2 Reverse Zebras Pickups w/o covers (Covers in case) No Pick Guard (Black Pick Guard...
  12. cjp54

    Guitar Refinishing Question???

    I've refinished several guitars over the years using laquer car paint and my Binks 2001 siphon type spray gun with good results. I also paint the occasional car. I'm going to be changing over to an HVLP Iwata LPH400 spray gun and was just wondering what kind of rigs you guys use to refinish your...
  13. cjp54

    Where to order a Gibson Custom Shop SG?

    My cousin lives in Western New York and is having a hard time getting anyone to give him a price on a custom shop SG to his liking. Can anyone suggest a good Gibson Custom Shop Dealer. They don't have to be in the Western New York area either. I live in Arizona and found my best deal on a custom...
  14. cjp54

    53/54 Stud Lean Problem (pictures)

    I had a slight stud lean problem with my 53/54 GT. I'm not sure what year it is because there's no serial number and non original pots. It did have the thin eared wrap tail and the 1/2" anchors. The stud lean was livable but the ground wire wasn't working. Here's how I removed them tonight. I...