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Recent content by Curious Mike

  1. Curious Mike

    2020 Gibson USA ES-335 figured

    If you play the guitar, it will soon show many more scruffs dents and scratches. Lets face it, stuff happens, so it depends on what your plans are for the guitar, lookin' or playin'...
  2. Curious Mike

    Is the Gibson 335 The Best Guitar Ever Made?

    I got really lucky finding my 330, I was still in high school, a buddy was in legal trouble and needed money for a lawyer. He offered me his 67 for 100 bucks! Wish I could have come up with enough to also buy his Rickenbacker....
  3. Curious Mike

    NGD: Chicago Music Exchange 1958 LP

    Best deal I ever got on a Gibson was from CME, unless you mean the 100 bucks I paid for my 67 ES 330TD, but that was 48 years ago.....
  4. Curious Mike

    What's a good deal on a ES 3XX guitar?

    I agree, the Epiphone 339 Pro I bought did not even come close to the feel of my Gibsons, The new Epiphones seem to be a little better, I did buy an Epiphone Les Paul Special P90 TV special just because they were so under priced, and it did sound really good and was really nicely built but still...
  5. Curious Mike

    What's a good deal on a ES 3XX guitar?

    I was one of the lucky ones that scored a Cherry 335 when CME had their blowout sale a couple years back, I think it's one of the best guitars I have. I also have a 330 and a 390, all three are completely different animals, but I like the feel of the 335 best, it has that solid body action...
  6. Curious Mike

    Looking for opinions on a 71 custom thats for sale

    I also have a cream set he used on that same custom years ago...
  7. Curious Mike

    Looking for opinions on a 71 custom thats for sale

    I have an original pick guard that came off the 72 I bought from my brother-in-law that He finally found when he moved to Florida. ( I know, run on sentence...) I had bought a new one but the screw hole didn't line up so I took it back, I think it was like 40 bucks! If you would like I'll sell...
  8. Curious Mike

    which decade is this R8 serial number from?

    I'm looking at an LP plaintop, serial number 871047, Is it a 2007? Thanks for any insight!...Mike
  9. Curious Mike

    Barry Bailey's pancake LP

    Here's a video of ARS from back in the seventies, check out Barry Baileys LP at 4:44 It almost looks like a maple neck with black inlays..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XqDVBBVX4I
  10. Curious Mike

    Where do you players keep your Gibson?

    Just inches away, sadly I just had rotator cuf surgery, so no guitar playing for two months, then about a year of physical therapy...
  11. Curious Mike

    Trade Black Hawks for Stormy Monday Bare knuckles

    Anybody need a little hotter sound? These are great for fusion or metal, I'm more into blues...My new used guitar came with these installed... SOLD
  12. Curious Mike

    INCOMING 2019 Anniversary R9

    i have a line on two that are coming in next Wednesday, I'll get first crack at them I hope. I just have to decide if I can sell one of the herd. i could always trade in the 68 strat, but I've hung on to it for 35 years...
  13. Curious Mike

    Comparison 2009 Studio/ 2013 LP Custom

    Hi folks, I'm surprised by the lack of sound from my LP Custom when unplugged, compared to my 09 Studio, which is a pound and a half lighter. Are the Customs known to be less acoustic?..Mike Someday I'll learn how to turn the photo