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    NGD! 60s Les Paul Unburst

    What should I use to oil the fretboard?
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    NGD! 60s Les Paul Unburst

    Looking forward to seeing this with the black plastic! Got me thinking...
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    Let's say..... there was this guitar player.....

    I'm 67 and I took guitar up seriously at 62. I've always been able to play "cowboy chords" and could learn songs by ear decent enough. However, I didn't know what I didn't know. I started taking online courses (started with Griff Hamlin) and slowly learned scales (pentatonic, major, minor...
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    NGD! 60s Les Paul Unburst

    Hi All, New member here and so excited about my new 60s Les Paul Unburst!! After years of waffling on buying a real Les Paul (I own an Agile), I decided to pull the trigger. Can't believe how gorgeous it looks and the tone is incredible!
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    Michael Allsup Of 3 Dog Night playing a 1970 Black Gibson Les Paul

    His playing and tone on "Captured Live at the Forum" is incredible. Saw them live in the 80s, but wish I could have seen them in the early 70s. Dale