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25 year old Session Guitarist from Doncaster, England.

From 2010 to 2015 he played lead guitar with 60's icon Dave Berry. 2012 saw him play lead guitar for the legendary Bruce Welch and his Shadows as well as 'Are you Being Served' actor Mike Berry who had numerous hits in the 60's as well as making the top 10 with Sunshine Of your Smile in 1980. In 2014 he toured with Country Star Jerry Kilgore and Nashville artist Kinsey Rose. Daniel relocated to Ireland in 2015 to play lead guitar for Irish country star Lisa McHugh for live shows and in the studio including the top 10 album "Wildfire" you can also see him playing rhythm guitar with Irelands biggest star, Nathan Carter on his Live At The Marquee in Cork DVD which went to Number 1 in the DVD chart
Current Gear
Currently Endorsing
MacPherson Daniel Martin Signature Outlaw Guitar
Little Walter Tube Amps
Wampler Pedals
Elixir Strings
Musical Influences
Albert Lee, Vince Gill, Brent Mason, The Shadows, Stevie Ray Vaughan