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  1. david.beason

    Welcome True Vintage Guitar!

    Good to see you on here, John!
  2. david.beason

    My 1965 Stratocaster

    That looks killer! Yeah, mine has the metal under the guard. I caught my hand on it the other day. 🥺
  3. david.beason

    My 1965 Stratocaster

    I don't think I've ever posted this here and thought you all might enjoy it. I got this a little over a year ago and really love the way it plays and sounds. It's become my one-and-only Strat and I'm perfectly happy with it being that way. I actually quite enjoy the 3-way switch as I've grown...
  4. david.beason

    NVGD: 1962 ES-355

    After selling my 335 recently, I started thinking that I've always preferred the overall vibe of the 355 (and 345 for that matter) over the 335 and remembered seeing a really rare and cool one on Rumble Seat Music's Instagram feed a few months ago. After a pretty good bit of back and forth with...
  5. david.beason

    NGD: 1943 Banner LG-3

    I actually got this a few weeks ago, but thought some of you in this part of the Interwebs might enjoy seeing it. I have a bit of a thing for natural-topped Gibson acoustics, having a J-200, Country Western, and Dove. The only other body type that I felt like I was somewhat missing was an LG...
  6. david.beason

    FS: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop '59 Reissue Flying V

    I just made a major purchase and need to unload a few things to cover it, so you're going to be seeing quite a bit of me. :wave: I got this V from @jeggz here on the forum a couple of years ago and it's a super resonant and light guitar. It plays and sounds great as well. I would like to keep...
  7. david.beason

    FS: Vintage 1960s Gibson gold ABR-1 bridge

    Up for sale is a vintage 1960s Gibson gold ABR-1 bridge. This is the type of bridge that would have been found on models like the mid- to late-'60s ES-345 and ES-355 as well as the '68-'69 Les Paul Custom and others. It has the original nylon saddles and the retaining wire to hold the saddle...
  8. david.beason

    FS: 1964 Gibson SG Junior

    FS: 1964 Gibson SG Junior - $2150 I have my hesitations about this one, but I just got a 1960 LP Junior and need to raise some funds, plus this one has the most overlap with the new addition (Cherry finish, single P-90, slab of mahogany, etc.). It's a 1964 SG Junior and it's a really great...
  9. david.beason

    NVGD: 1954 Goldtop

    I just wanted to share something that I just got a couple of weeks ago, but has been on my GAS list for a long time. It's a '54 LP in overall really good condition, but with a repaired headstock break. It's missing the original jack plate (just purchased one today from a forum member), low E...
  10. david.beason

    NVGD: 1961 LP/SG (Standard)

    I've been holding out for a week or two and have finally gotten around to taking some pics of my latest score. It cost me four really good guitars, but I'm really happy with it. It's a '61 SG/LP in all original condition, although I've put a MojoAxe VibroStop and Dan's version of the Schaller...
  11. david.beason

    FS: 1977 Gibson Explorer

    I've set the wheels in motion on a fairly big vintage purchase and am going to have to dump a few of my current lineup before that is finalized. One of them is this really nice example of a '77 Explorer. This is from the second year of production after they started making them again in '76...
  12. david.beason

    NGD: 2007 R9 Historic Makeover (Reprise)

    A few weeks ago, I got a 2007 R9 that had been sent to Historic Makeovers for the RDS treatment. http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?193073-NGD-2007-R9-Historic-Makeover By coincidence, I ended up with another 2007 R9 this weekend that has also had the RDS makeover. This one came...
  13. david.beason

    NGD: 2007 R9 Historic Makeover

    I picked this up off of another forum member a few weeks ago and just got around to snapping some photos yesterday. It's a 2007 R9 that was sent to Historic Makeovers for the RDS package by the previous owner. I've never had such a hard time capturing what a guitar looks like, but eventually...
  14. david.beason

    FS: 1966 1967 Fender Musicmaster II

    SOLD: 1966 1967 Fender Musicmaster II SOLD Up for sale is my all-original vintage Fender Musicmaster II. This guitar was sold to me as a 1967, but the pot codes date to 1966. The handwritten date on the back of the original pickup also reads '66. At either rate, this is the longer scale...
  15. david.beason

    Help dating a late '60s SG Standard

    Hello, SG aficionados. Earlier this year, I purchased an SG Standard, which was sold to me as a '67. The previous owner bought it used from a friend in 1970 and believed it to be a '67. The serial number is 897809 and there is no "Made in U.S.A." stamp on the back on the headstock. When I...