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So. California
Current Gear
Gibsons: '64 J-50 acoustic, '69 SG Standard w/ vibrola, '72 ES-335, '05 Les Paul Classic Goldtop, '51 Royaltone Lap steel. '89 Epiphone Emperor, a FrankenStrat, gut string classical, Kay mandolin, '30's tenor banjo (my Grandfather's).
Previous Gear
Mid 60's Gibson SG Special previously owned by Ed King of the Strawberry Alarm Clock, & later Lynard Skynard. Traded it for a '68 or '69 SG Standard w/ Maestro Vibrola, and then sold that guitar in the late 70's. 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. 2000 SG Standard '61 Reissue. 1970 Marshall 50 watt Tremelo small box amp head (took it to Jose in Van Nuys - Ed Van Halen's amp guru - for an overhaul/mod, but it never sounded like it should have - bad output transformer?).
Musical Influences
Favorite guitarists: early Clapton, Brian May, Dann Huff