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    Tuners over serial?

    The rest of your pics aren’t very helpful. Based on the corrosion on those tuners, I would steer clear of that guitar regardless of authenticity.
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    Where are they now...

    @Strings Jr. how long did you work at Gibson? I recall Gibson website in the late 90s or early 2000s posted a Custom one off/prototype SG. It had a flat top and back (no bevels) with binding on the front and back. Top of the body had a hot rod style flame paint job. Possibly block inlays and...
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    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Mat, or anyone: Anyone recall a one off SG from the late 90s (possibly early 2000s) with a flat top and back double bound body and a hot rod flame paint job in the top? Coolest SG I ever saw. Pretty sure it was on Gibson’s website back then.
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    Where are they now...

    what a great thread. I may have missed this, but what were things like at Gibson when ownership changed to the Henry J era? Was that early 1986?
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    I Think Gibson Is Really Back!

    I’m impressed with the USA Original line and have bought several recently. They hang nicely with my two CS Guitars The 339 is a 2020 USA The Custom is a 2010 R7 CS Flame top is a 1998 R8 CS Ebony Standard is a 2021 50’s USA Cherry Special is a 2021 USA Ebony Junior is a 2020 USA
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    How do I know if it’s chambered?

    That seems really light (but possible). More likely, the seller’s scale or weighing method is suspect.
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    NGD: Gibson Original Collection Les Paul Special Vintage Cherry

    7.5lbs. Huge neck. Just sings through a Marshall style amp. Best I can tell it has a one piece body. Overall quality very good. Acouple of the typical Gibson finish things in nooks and crannies inherent of hand made. Very subtle. Plays fantastic- no mods planned. EDIT: could always add the...
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    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced tea reviews (50s neck)

    2021 50s Standard in Ebony. Great guitar.
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    NGD: Direct from Gibson’s Website

    This really is a fantastic guitar
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    NGD: Direct from Gibson’s Website

    Yes, Direct from Gibson and I have no idea what the dealers think.
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    2020 ES-339 in action