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    T-Top Replacement?

    some good suggestions here. I don't know if you are familiar with Dean Delio from stone temple pilots. he uses norlin era guitars. I was reading up on some of his gear info and I read that in his newer les pauls he wanted to get pickups that are similar sounding to his norlin (T-top) guitars. I...
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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    thanks for the RS taper responses (y)
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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    Any idea where the RS super pots fall in these ranges? I know I like them. thanks, dj
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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    unfortunately when I was shopping for vintage taper pots TAOT didn't any short 500k pots available. only long shaft ones. :( in the past I have really liked the RS super pots and their custom taper for volume pots. but I guess they are out of stock as they weren't listed a few days ago when I...
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    Woohoo, finally got my class 5

    I finally found a Marshall class 5 amp today! I was starting to get annoyed with all of the advertising for it but nobody in my part of the world had one to sell me. and none of the mail order dealers had them either. so for those of you in the houston area i found mine at the GC on westheimer...
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    LP Pro with black plastics?

    hi all, i have been digging the looks of the 54 black custom reissue with P-90's and i am wondering if anybody has a black LP Pro deluxe that replaced the cream plastics with black and could post a pitcure. i am hoping to see what it looks like before i spend the time and money doing it to mine...
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    finicky rebel 20?

    I have had an egnater rebel 20 for several weeks now and I have noticed something and I was wondering of others have noticed it: it seems to sound good one day and not so good the next. I'm thinknig it's sensitive to changes in the weather like my old marshall but maybe more so. the weather...
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    howdy, I have a 78 deluxe that was routed out for fullsize humbuckers before I got it. it has the buzz when the tailpiece isn't grounded. I made a temporary fix on it by taking a wire from between the bridge/post to the nut on the neck volume pot under the knob. well my temporary fix has been...
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    another RS kit wiring question

    about a year ago I put in a RS kit in my LP. It had the extra capacitor/resistors wired across 2 of the lugs on the neck volume pot to keep it from getting muddy when the volume was turned down. I like the sound of my neck pickup much better now. I was thinking about putting a kit in one of my...
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    bigsby ?

    I recently picked up Neil Young's "rust never sleeps" dvd and it has me wanting to put a bigsby on one of my lesters. a late 70's black standard. I believe I saw some where that the new bigby's aren't as good as the older one's. is that true and if so are they still worth the effert? is this...
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    amp tech in Texas

    does anybody know a good Marshall amp tech in Texas? preferably in Houston. I have an old 2x12 combo model?? that basically is a 50w metal panel 4 input non master volume that is top mounted that I want to have the power tubes swapped from 6550's to el34's and also have it looked over since it...
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    did I miss a good oppertunity?

    I was at my local GC looking and found a new (with usual display scratches) SG junior like this one on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.com/2001-Gibson-SG-Junior-Reissue-USA-Black-SG-Jr_W0QQitemZ7387268927QQcategoryZ47073QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem for $347. gig bag or case extra. I don't really...
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    abr-1 bridge swap

    I am thinking about swapping the nashville bridge in my LP for an ABR-1 bridge. Besides gibson and tonepro, who else makes a good bridge? Is the generic stew mac bridge any good? how about gotoh or schaller, do they make one? and lastly, the stew mac conversion post, are they a direct...
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    Dunlop fret wire

    Where do ya'll buy your dunlop (6105) fret wire? I've done a google search with limited luck. most links were just mentioning it and only one I found was actually selling it. I believe it was "acme guitar" or something like that. thanks, dj
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    Nut making

    I'm gonna try my hand at making string nuts. I ordered the stewmac essential nut making tool kit and some blank string nuts so hopefully I have a good starting point. I tried this once a long time ago with the wrong tools and bad results. But one thing I noticed when looking at my first failed...