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Recent content by drspencer1

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    FS: Original Set of Tom Holmes Humbuckers (From Year 2000)

    Original Tom Holmes Humbuckers. Purchase new in 2000, back when you had to mail Tom a Postal money order, then wait, and wait.... H450 neck, double black, 7.47K H455 bridge, zebra, 8.23K Both covered in their original ‘Satin’ nickel covers for a true Vintage esthetic. Don’t confuse these with...
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    FS: 1999 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird V 1965 Reissue. Mint

    1999 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird V 1965 Reissue. Serial #991305. Mint condition. Sunburst, Maestro Lyre Vibrola tailpiece, ABR-1 bridge. Original style Firebird Banjo tuners, original Gibson Firebird mini humbuckers, trapezoid inlays, rosewood fingerboard. All the original hardware has a...
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    FS: 1993 '57 Historic Gold Top (s/n 7 3008) Painted by Tom Murphy. Mint! (Price Drop)

    1993 Historic ‘57 Gold Top, serial # 7 3008. Tom Murphy painted the first 10 of these in the early beginnings of The Gibson Custom Shop. 50’s neck profile, long neck tenon, and a lightweight 9.27lbs. Correct color Gold top & brown back, that actually looks Vintage, along with a nice, dark...
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    Current Street Value for Historic Firebird V?

    I can't find any recent data (completed Ebay auctions, old ads, etc.) for these guitars. What is the current market value for a 1999 Historic Firebird V? Thanks
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    Historic 330 vs. Memphis 330. Which Would You Choose?

    I have a Historic ES330, with metal pickup covers and a trapeze tailpiece. I'm thinking about swapping it for a Memphis ES330, that has black, plastic pickup covers and a Bigsby. Aside from the above, are there any differences between the construction and quality of these two guitars? How...
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    FA: Marshall Full-Size 8x10 (Model 2034) $575

    FA: Marshall Full-Size 8x10 (Model 2034) $475 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290409135573&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
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    FS: 2-Vintage Ampeg V4 4x12 Cabinets. $295 ea.

    Vintage Ampeg V-4 4x12's. Purchased from original owner, original speakers & grill, has original Ampeg cables to connect cabs to head. $295 ea. Prices do not include shipping, Paypal O.K. if you pay the fees, no trades at this time, email for pics. Thanks
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    Anyone Here Not Like Rolled Binding?

    Has anyone ever done this, and wished they hadn't? Thanks
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    Guitar Center RO Real World Prices?

    What's the street value these days? Thanks
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    Differences Between Historic & Non-Historic Firebirds?

    Hardware aside (nickel vs. chrome), what would be the differences, if any, between these two? How do the current Birds measure up to a Historic Bird? Thanks
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    How Can You Tell If a LP is Chambered or Not?

    Aside from taking an X-Ray, how can you tell if a certain LP is chambered or not? Is the chambering visible by peeking through the control cavity or pickup route? Thanks
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    Who Should I Deal With at Private Reverve?

    This morning I inquired about buying a guitar at Private Reserve, but the monkey who answered the phone wasn't able to negotiate, at all. Does anyone know who the manager is or the best person to speak with over there? Thanks
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    Can a Dimarzio Super Distortion Be Fitted With a Nickel Cover?

    I'd like to try this pup, but don't care for the look of uncovered pickups. Can a Super Distortion be fitted with a nickel cover? If not, are there any other after market pups that sound like a Super Dist., but will accept a metal cover? Thanks
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    Source For Frampton LP Wiring Schematic?

    Can anyone point me to a schematic for the original Frampton Signature LP? This is not the same schematic featuring 3 volume controls for each pup and a master tone. This is the one in which the middle pup is wired to the bottom volume & tone controls, while the neck & bridge pups are wired...
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    Favorite Wiring Scheme For 3 PUP LP Custom?

    I just picked up a 3 pup Custom and am looking for opinions on people's favorite wiring for these guitars. I'm thinking of having a volume control for each pickup with 1 master tone control. Any other ideas? Thanks