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Recent content by Ed Driscoll

  1. Ed Driscoll

    AI generated Les Pauls

    A porn mustache? You could probably grow one in two or three months, if you're looking for a vacation from yourself: ;)
  2. Ed Driscoll

    R4 question

    This was a photo (of original ‘50s Customs, to the best of my knowledge) I remember seeing on the LPF back in the day:
  3. Ed Driscoll

    Dallas Guitar Show 2022 live stream video

    I only had a few hours there, so I wasn't in "obsessively photograph everything" mode. But seeing a Recording-style guitar in the wild, I had to get a shot.
  4. Ed Driscoll

    Dallas Guitar Show 2022 live stream video

    Quite possibly — I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a Wachtel ‘Burst right around that booth.
  5. Ed Driscoll

    Dallas Guitar Show 2022 live stream video

    There were a couple of low-impedance Les Paul Recording-style guitars at the show. Here's one: I always associate these guitars with plugging straight into a recording desk. I have no idea what's necessary to plug them into an amp, but there have been a few threads about them at the LPF...
  6. Ed Driscoll

    Dallas Guitar Show 2022 live stream video

    It was loads of fun to see some old friends from the LPF today -- and some great guitars.
  7. Ed Driscoll

    NGD 54/55 Conversion

    Not saying it actually was Beck's guitar, but could it be the angle of the photo? The cutaway looks pretty flamey in the photos of the painted guitar atop this thread.
  8. Ed Driscoll

    Post a YouTube video of a Historic ,,,,,,

    If Soundcloud is an acceptable substitute, my 2000 R9 (the guitar in my avatar) appears at the 3:11 mark:
  9. Ed Driscoll

    Martin Barre playing an EDS 1275

    I think that could be a late-'50s era Gibson EMS-1235 with a six-string mandolin neck on top. Here are some additional details in a thread at My Les Paul, from LPF member Eric Ernest.
  10. Ed Driscoll

    TV Western Questions

    His expanding headband was pretty cool though.
  11. Ed Driscoll

    SteelyDan/ Steve Winwood coming to Wolftrap in June 2022

    Is Winwood still scheduled to appear? In February, his Website had this announcement: "Update: due to unforeseen circumstances, Steve will not be appearing with Steely Dan on the upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 tour. The scheduled Steely Dan shows will still take place, but with Aimee Mann and...
  12. Ed Driscoll

    1967 Gibson factory video surfaced

    That video is such a time capsule. Does anyone know who the featured guitarist was? What a talented player!
  13. Ed Driscoll

    Looks like there's a new model/body shape in town, the Theodore

    Comparing this guitar to the 'Burst at the top of the page says it all. If it was a Danelectro or Squier, or a similar funky affordable guitar it might be fun. But for that amount of coin, I want something much more aesthetically pleasing than that. I'm sorry to see the new Gibson returning to...
  14. Ed Driscoll

    Joe Walsh with Jimmy Pages number one burst before he sold it to him. Pictures.

    I was looking at larger versions of those photos last night in Page's first coffee table book, and I think it's simply an extra coil of guitar string hanging off the D or G tuner.
  15. Ed Driscoll

    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    It was quoted in one of the other many recent threads on Clapton, as joyless monomania seems to have taken hold of this pub. Note the past tense you employed; here's the full quote: That was from the start of 2018. Four years later, it appears that forgiveness is not an option in today's world.