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  1. fernieite

    Harrison/Clapton Lucy bites it...see if you wince too

    Yeah, I was shocked. I'm glad it landed on it's butt and avoided a headstock break. John Lennon's reaction was classic. "A guitar fell over Paul, a guitar fell over!" :D
  2. fernieite

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

    Here's my 2003 / 2004 Gabi Bucataru (Gabriel) 1974 18 watt replica. Swanson cabinet. Heyboar transformers. Gabi was the admin at the 18 watt Forum back then, and I had him build this beauty for me. This was just as he was starting to build full-time with his new company Gabriel Sound Garage...
  3. fernieite

    New Amp Day!

    Congrats! What speakers are in that beast? Btw, I just snagged a (much smaller and lighter) Marshall 1965a 4×10 cab. Great stuff! Hey BK, you might want to black out your address in that photo...
  4. fernieite

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Well done chaps! :ROFLMAO: (Sorry, I should probably retrain myself from crashing your thread! )
  5. fernieite

    Current bursts for sale...

    I believe it's more likely 275k...ish. :)
  6. fernieite

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Wouldn't it also be nice to have some pasties for the savoury crowd? (Sorry, just an unsolicited suggestion from an uninvited and non-UK guest! :rolleyes: )
  7. fernieite

    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    Why don't you ask @matkoehler from Gibson? He should know for sure.
  8. fernieite

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Thanks for the warm welcome! (and for remembering about the MMB :cool:) It cleared Customs and is scheduled to arrive Tuesday! 👍
  9. fernieite

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Woody, it's an easy fix for MikeSlub to remedy. He did it for me. https://lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/problems-when-changing-email-address.217221/ I wish I was in the UK for this! I've enjoyed reading of your past exploits, and would love to meet you all; especially Stu Castledine...
  10. fernieite

    I'd Gibson junior SG

    You're welcome. FYI, here's some good reading for you... https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/psa-informative-site-for-sg-heel-styles-and-pickup-routes.217783/ https://solidguitar.fandom.com/wiki/SG_Junior
  11. fernieite

    I'd Gibson junior SG

    I don't know, might be. (You do the math ;)) I just measured my 1963 Junior's width at the edge of the fretboard, (by the nut) because the nut is a hair thinner than the fretboard on my SG. My measurements are 43.23 mm or 1.702 inches. (Again, it's the fretboard, not the nut width ) I don't...
  12. fernieite

    I'd Gibson junior SG

    Looks like it might be a 1965 SG Junior, going by the pot code of 137 6502 (2nd week of 1965) - Serial number could indicate 1965, as well. This guitar has had the bridge converted from a wraparound bridge to a bridge/ stop tail. As you said, the Grover tuners are not original, nor are the...
  13. fernieite

    NGD 2014 R8 and some cool old amps.

    Yes, Koss approved as well. Aw, that's better. :cool:
  14. fernieite

    NGD 2014 R8 and some cool old amps.

    Looks like a great vintage Jeff Beck rig! "Over under sideways down"! :D Sorry, no idea how to fix that. I think cell phone pics sometimes do that. Someone more tech savvy should respond soon. (y)
  15. fernieite

    NGD: 1963 Polaris White SG Special

    What the? Did you just change your forum handle Bossaddict? (Or am I losing it?! ) Beautiful Special! I can't imagine letting that 61 go though! :oops: