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  1. Fornax

    Clean players who use Les Pauls

    Old thread, but I am playing thru a Deluxe 5e3 copy. Oh boy! Nice tones.
  2. Fornax

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    My 2011 R9 is one fine instrument. Bought it sight unseen from Mark’s Guitar Loft, and the love affair continues. It has a perfect combination of lots of treble in both pickups, and good mid and bass without mud. Very articulate. That it is a looker too just adds to the vibe.
  3. Fornax

    Shoot. I Saw This and Got GAS

  4. Fornax

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Sound City Concord. Slider controls, loud, piercing tone. Nice combo, gave it away.
  5. Fornax

    Clean players who use Les Pauls

    I've been using my '11 Paul as my workhorse guitar playing in a classic rock band, formally being a Fender player. I am struck on how beautiful the clean tones can be if the amp is up to the task, e.g. Fender twin. The LP design is, by accident or genius, a best of both worlds, straddling clean...
  6. Fornax

    Single-pickup ES-330

    Hey folks, I have a '62 330 single pickup TC. It has a unique voice with the centered pickup position. Anyone else into these oddballs? Gibson would have been eons ahead of their time if the pickup was in the fashionable metal '80s bridge position...
  7. Fornax

    Mold on finish

    I stored my '62 ES330TC in my humid basement over the summer, and now have a bit of mold on the finish and pickup. Any suggestions on a cleaning agent? Naphtha?
  8. Fornax

    Stainless steel strap button screws

    Anyone have a source for quality #8-32 S/S wood screws? I'm installing Schaller strap locks and want to duplicate the stainless screws of my stock R59. They are 8-32 x 1-1/2", stainless steel, rounded flat head, phillips. The Schallers come with #6-32 x 1, alloy steel, so I will need to mod the...
  9. Fornax

    New Bourbonburst owner

    Hey guys, Thanks to all for steering me to Marks. Picked up my first Paul (2011 R9 Bourbonburst) after playing Strats for decades, and she's a beaut and a real player. Only complaint is the case; I like to occasionally lean my Fender against the open top of its rectangular case. I'm glad I...