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Recent content by Gibsonsg

  1. Gibsonsg

    Master Artisan Collection: Rickie Hinrichsen

    Not my thing... i don't like guitars with custom carvings, they are a very well made but just a showpiece, they won't get played. Also the price my god
  2. Gibsonsg

    NGD: 2022 '54 Black Beauty Reissue (+ sneaking in a new CME Jazzy too)

    Gratz with the new guitar! they are very nice guitars those 54 BB's, i have one also and loved it since i got it. You don't see then much like a R7, R8, R9 and the 54 BB have the look :cool:
  3. Gibsonsg

    Stainless Steel Refret Before & After - CS R7

    My 74 LP BB needed a refret badly so i made the decision to let it refret with SS frets, and OMG now it's really alive and plays way smoother then with the original frets. Bending is so easy and the guitar is a bit louder unplugged to my ear but that's my opinion, it's the choice u have to make...
  4. Gibsonsg

    Jan Akkerman signature '54 BB

    My fav Black Beauty's! lucky i have one already otherwise it's such a struggle to get it... (and this version is tbh not that special vs a normal reissue only if u like the 60's neck imo) Only France and the Netherlands to get it is a bit strange... i live in Belgium it's between those...
  5. Gibsonsg

    Custom engraved truss rod covers

    Where do u guys in Europe get a custom engraved truss rod cover?, just like the vintage correct bell covers but with a custom engraved name in white in the middle on it. U can always use a sticker but i don't think it that nice for a long time use and it looks maybe cheap on a LP custom? šŸ˜…
  6. Gibsonsg

    Show your favorite kind of Burst

    omg love this flame! :love:
  7. Gibsonsg

    Show your favorite kind of Burst

    I love my sunrise teaburst R9!
  8. Gibsonsg

    To top wrap or not to top wrap?

    i always topwrap my Gibsons, just love the feell
  9. Gibsonsg

    Taylor Hawkins is dead.

    I always remember Taylor as a great drummer but also sick on vocals! This is my fav thing he did for me personally.
  10. Gibsonsg

    Why are there a lot of used 2019 R9 for sale in the market?

    I don't care my R9 is a 2016 model, it's just a great guitar and it looks killer. Just find the right one and don't look at the year imo.
  11. Gibsonsg

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Thanks for the detailed answer Matt, i know they are not popular but me and a few gearheads always liked the old darkbacks with black plastics because they are a bit special then the normal one's So it will be a customshop darkback and i will change the plastics then, but first chase a reall 54...
  12. Gibsonsg

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Will Gibson make a Darkback goldtop with black factory plastics in the future? it will be really nice if u guys made this in the future in the customshop or maybe it's for a anniversary run a good idea? I know u can special order it but it will be cool if it's a special model.
  13. Gibsonsg

    1967 Gibson factory video surfaced

    Back in the day they put so much love and work in just 1 guitar, now it's more about numbers and demand. That's why i hope i can afford one time in my life a old 50's Lp.
  14. Gibsonsg

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    i got this one before the price was still 82 euro for a bridge. The Link : ABM Bridge
  15. Gibsonsg

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    I got the ABM installed this week and im very happy with it and it's a lot cheaper then the uncle one, but hey that's my opinion