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    Need new lead PU for '63 ES-345

    As the title says : I found my trusty ol' ES-345 (a red '63 model) some 30 years ago and at one point I foolishly took out the original lead PUP to pimp another guitar which was sold a couple of years later with the Gibson PUP still in it, duh .... All this time I made do with a Duncan PAF...
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    Grover Imperials - versions ?

    this '62 Super-400 came to me with a set of Grovers which work just fine but the posts are quite a bit higher than the ones i've seen before so the break-angle of the strings at the nut is very shallow - question : are there different versions of these tuners out there, for different thicknesses...
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    Clapton ES-335 in the bay ....

    a rare bird : http://www.ebay.de/itm/Gibson-Eric-Clapton-Crossroad-ES-335-Sammlerstuck-/260927209236?pt=Gitarren&hash=item3cc0793f14#ht_2703wt_1218
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    Replacement tuners ?

    where can i get these tuners other than from the vintage parts dealers ? Kluson only offers the waffleback/plastic tip type, not this one with the smooth back ...#
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    50's Gibson Alnico-V pickups ????

    i have a line on a '56 Super-400 CES that has the Alnico-V "Staple" pickups - what can i expect in terms of output, overall balance of tone and level of hum compared to "normal" P-90 pups of that era ? i plan on using the guitar in a jazz context, not for RnR/Rockabilly etc. any info is...
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    ES-175 , '57 - value

    this is not my guitar but from a buddy who asked me to sell it for him- my passion are the ES-335/345/ and Super-400 and i don't know enough about the 175 series.... the serial number A-26181 suggests a 57 or 58 model, the switch without the grommet also but since the pickups (untouched...
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    Bigsby B-7

    where can i find a used/worn B-7 vibrato, preferably a gold one ? 60's or 70's vintage ....
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    2-piece top/back on 60's ES-345

    this '68 ES-345 app. has both a 2-piece top and back - never seen this before.... how common/rare was this ? any significance regarding value ? thanks !
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    replacement for waffle-back Klusons ?

    i want to swap the waffle-back Kluson's on my 355 and don't know which modern - and truly functioning ... - tuner will fit into the existing bushings and line up with the scewholes. Kluson offers new waffle-backs but are these really any good, comparable in tuning stability to Schaller...
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    late 60's ES-355

    the correct dating of this one is a bit difficult : the serial-number 90xxxx puts it in 1969 but the narrow f-holes, the open G and b and the dotted i in the logo tell me it's pre-69.... it's got the narrow but fat neck profile, a factory Bigsby, one-piece mahogany neck sans volute and sans...
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    newbie question : all mahogany LP Classic ?

    Hi All ! i've been a Gibson man since my first electric some 29 years ago ( a '63 ES-345 ... ) but have turned towards a Lester only just recently. now i have found a slightly used Custom Shop Classic with a mahogany cap ( could be a one piece body even ) in a nicely faded dark cherry red...