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  1. GotTheSilver

    Gibson Dave Mustaine signature acoustic

    I love the Vic Rattlehead inlay on the headstock and on the pickguard!
  2. GotTheSilver

    Two old Gibsons and a Tweed Fender amp...

    God damn, Roy was incredible!
  3. GotTheSilver

    Regrets .....

    There are only two guitars I regret not buying. One was a 1951 Southern Jumbo. The other was a 1952 Southern Jumbo. The two best sounding acoustic guitars I have ever played. Just something about them that was unreal. Didn't have the cash at the time (these were two different opportunities...
  4. GotTheSilver

    NGD 2021 R9 Royal Tea Burst

    Damn fine lookin' guitar! Congratulations!
  5. GotTheSilver

    NGD 2020 Gibson R9, Iced Tea Burst, VOS

    Congratulations, Lewis! That is a beautiful guitar, and I am sure it sounds great, too! My 2020 R9 in Iced Tea Burst is an unbelievably great guitar. I'm sure yours is, too!
  6. GotTheSilver

    Some help choosing between two LP’s

    First, realize that the color of a guitar in person can look different than it does in photos. The 59's burst may have a more brownish hue in pictures, and it may actually be that way in person, but it may be the brighter cherry that you don't care for in person. Second, what neck profile is...
  7. GotTheSilver

    I bought a Murphy Lab R-9

    Beautiful guitar! Congrats!
  8. GotTheSilver

    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Congrats! I love a darkback goldtop! Let's see a pic of the color on the back.
  9. GotTheSilver

    Blacktop Project "X" finally underway

    Danelectro and Renderit - Those are two beautiful guitars!!!
  10. GotTheSilver

    NGD 2021 R9 Lemonburst VOS - PICS ADDED!!!

    I can see the pics now. Beautiful guitar! Congrats! Oh, and I say leave the pickguard off!!!
  11. GotTheSilver

    NGD 2021 R9 Lemonburst VOS - PICS ADDED!!!

    Congratulations! I bought a guitar from Mark last year and he was a pleasure to deal with. Look forward to seeing the pics when you get that sorted out.
  12. GotTheSilver

    Top wrapping? The really big question!

    Brandt - Thanks for the links to the papers. I look forward to reading through them! Perhaps I should have been a bit more precise in what I was trying to say. I know there have been studies of Stradivari violins and the physics of vibrating strings and such. But on forums such as this...
  13. GotTheSilver

    Top wrapping? The really big question!

    You will never get any science when it comes to discussions of tone. There are too many variables and no one ever does a proper scientific experiment with proper measurements and mathematics. At best, you will get well-reasoned, logical theories. Some of these will be based on personal...
  14. GotTheSilver

    2013 R9 Historic from Vic Dapra Collection

    "Many say 2013 was the best year for these guitars." 🤣😂😅😁😄 "Most of these guitars are now over seas and difficult to purchase." 🤣😂😅😆😁😄
  15. GotTheSilver

    Pre wired loom's for Les Paul's.

    Anyone have experience with the "pre-wired vintage upgrade kits" from RS Guitarworks? They have CTS pots and PIO caps.