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  1. GuitarMikey

    played an acoustic that blew my mind ......

    Ever played an original? :cool:
  2. GuitarMikey

    Vintage ES-335s 1958, 59, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 64

    Hot Damn! That's some nice 3X5s! If you ever wanna part ways with that 355, give me a shout.
  3. GuitarMikey

    '58 Burst in South Africa

    That certainly is a beautiful guitar John. Congrats!
  4. GuitarMikey

    Show Us Your Stuff Thread

    I like many others have much more time these days to spend around the house and in the "music room". I was thinking we could start a music room photo thread :peace2. I'm sure there are some great collections out there! I'll get it started with my current photo although its missing a few 335s...
  5. GuitarMikey

    1958 es335 Question...

    Has anyone ever seen a '58 335 with a silkscreen logo, no crown inlay and neck binding? Is it possible one could leave the factory that way? Mike
  6. GuitarMikey

    NGD, 1959 ES-345

    Finally getting around to posting some decent photos of my NVGD. 1959 ES-345 Purchased from the daughter of the original owner and just happened to be a couple hours up the road from me. Has all the first rack features including large neck, black varitone ring and short leg PAF. Apparently he...
  7. GuitarMikey

    WTB 1959 Gibson es345 Pickguard Bracket (GOLD)

    If you have one for sale, please message me. Thanks!
  8. GuitarMikey

    WTB Gibson Single Line Tuners for a 1963 Gibson ES 335

    Looking for a set of original tuners for my 63 335. If you have any available please message me. thanks! Mike
  9. GuitarMikey

    1959 Gretsch Duo Jet - Black - FOR SALE

    1959 Gretsch Duo Jet in great condition with some light finish checking on the top. Comes complete with the original "snowflake" case (in amazing condition), matching warranty card and other case candy. A recent pro refret has this guitar playing perfectly and ready for the stage. Right now it...
  10. GuitarMikey

    IT 2017

    I'll just put this right here... https://youtu.be/FnCdOQsX5kc
  11. GuitarMikey

    JB trading in his bursts for 68 SGs?

    Just kidding, but i came across this photo of Joe with his new 1968 SG Standard. Great looking guitar! :salude
  12. GuitarMikey

    WTB: Set of Celestion T652 Alnico speakers

    I purchased one of the Marshall Offset Reissue amps and someone had switched the original speakers out for Vintage 30s. I'm looking for a quad of the originals if anyone has any or any leads. Thanks! Mike
  13. GuitarMikey

    New Billy the Kid photo found for $2

    This is pretty cool! Found for $2 and worth over $5 million.... http://m.wsoctv.com/news/news/national/2-junk-store-find-turns-out-be-5m-billy-kid-photo-/nn24M/?ecmp=wsoctv_social_facebook_2014_sfp
  14. GuitarMikey

    "1967 Marshall Bluesbreaker" for sale

    Has anyone seen this listing? https://charlotte.craigslist.org/msg/5096296866.html
  15. GuitarMikey

    2012 Gibson R8 VOS

    Purchased new by me and in EXCELLENT condition. Played only a few times. Come with all the tags, COA, case candy and will even ship in the original Gibson shipping box with matching serial number. Price is $2800 plus shipping cost. Paypal fees are buyers responsibility. Avoid the fees by...