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    Not seeing any "new" Murphy Lab info , thought I would share mine .

    So I'm confident the finish will not fall of the guitar .This was the point of the thread , It seems to have been limited to 100 ish guitars with very dark cherry pour filler . I appreciate this "one off" Guitar !
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    Not seeing any "new" Murphy Lab info , thought I would share mine .

    Thanks for the encouraging words , I didn't want to reply until I decided if I was keeping it . I wanted something aged , and I 'm loving this guitar . I'm sure I will not have any problems with the finish as its to similar to a Heavy aged Murphy in the passed . Its a M2M ,Carmelita neck profile .
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    Not seeing any "new" Murphy Lab info , thought I would share mine .

    I'm hoping someone in the know would confirm changes made . My observation , It appears they did , as the heavy aged finish has" less" aging than the ultralight aging . Not the relicing ,but the finish . It's laying down flat The first guitar would not been able to withstand forced hi...
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    Not seeing any "new" Murphy Lab info , thought I would share mine .

    Without naming names : After getting an ultra aged from a retailer . A Murphy Lab ultra light aged with / dark cherry back . I was just looking mind you , but fell for it . Once in hand , I sent it back . I found a M2M heavy aged elsewhere . I was told when I pulled the trigger it was not a...
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    How do you pick a great Les Paul historic ?

    I don't think you will find a bad re issue ,as there's a lot of great guitars out there . Shop the sponsors . If you really like it , you will keep , which will and save money . Trust / listen to your gut when shopping , don't settle . If there is something about it you don't like , you will...
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    Is 9.4 lbs considered real heavy for a 2019 R6?

    I just played a 9.2 lb R9 , sitting yesterday . Didn't noticed the weight, and It was a concern , as most of my up's are around 8.5 ,didn't keep it for other reasons . My first LP custom (87) 9lbs15oz sustained for ever .
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    Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue neck profile?

    I bought a 2020 68 from Daves , feels exactly like my 87 Custom I had . I would describe its feel like V2 RO - 59 Carmelita . 8.9 1st 1.0 12th
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    New Guitar Day M2M 68RI Les Paul custom

    I had an 87 that I bought new , traded it in , in 2013 for a 57GTRI . I have been looking for it ever since , or one like it . https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/3039/Dn1atC.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/5512/7FWvwa.jpg...
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    Sold 7 got 1

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    Got a VOS question , Thanks