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  1. Joshabr1

    Vintage No Wire ABR1 Bridge Needs Saddles

    I know this is an ancient thread. But the question remains. Who is making saddles in the same manner as the 50s ones?? Who is making the best abr1 ?? Is anyone getting that stuff right????
  2. Joshabr1

    Joe Bonamassa's/Eric Johnson's Mystery Celestion Speaker

    There are a couple videos on line where he talks about how amps the twins and baseman’s having his personal g-12 85 celestion speakers. Totally different speaker than the 70/80
  3. Joshabr1

    Joe Bonamassa's/Eric Johnson's Mystery Celestion Speaker

    He does not use the 70/80 speaker. He uses the classic g12-80 and now celestion is making him his own speaker which is a g12-85. The 70/80 speakers are terrible in my opinion and most anyone who I trust that has heard them. But it’s very subjective and what I think sucks others may absolutely...
  4. Joshabr1

    My 67 SG Standard

    Don’t know what is making those pics sideways. Didn’t take them that way
  5. Joshabr1

    My 67 SG Standard

  6. Joshabr1

    Current bursts for sale...

    Did the location of the stop bar change ever so slightly in the middle of 60??? Seems like on the latest 60 models the stop bar is ever so slightly farther away from the abr. This could be a camera angle thing ... anyway just wondering. Did it vary any ??
  7. Joshabr1

    Clapton on a Special

    I don’t see the head setting on top of the 4/12 in this pic. Could be that he wore that outfit on more than just that occasion.
  8. Joshabr1

    Clapton on a Special

    Wow. What a moment captured right there. The genesis of a world changing band.
  9. Joshabr1

    Yngwie Malmsteen shredding on a Burst

    I was watching this and couldn’t help but wonder.... how would you know if he messed up??? Serious question