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  1. jubelo

    Would you leave this 53 GT LP as it is if you bought it ?

    I have no connection to this shop or this guitar's present owner if it is a consignment piece. But I am wondering if most people here on this forum would leave it as it is, convert it to original or maybe just convert it to a wrap around bridge and have the neck re-set or maybe give it the...
  2. jubelo

    young Ronnie Dawson with PAF LP Custom

    the late Ronnie Dawson as a youg fella with LP custom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOk-Cw9InCI&mode=related&search=
  3. jubelo

    62 gold top LP?

    On another unrelated forum, a member mentioned that Gibson built seven gold top Les Paul guitars, in 1962. Any truth to this? If so, has anyone got any info on this story?
  4. jubelo

    early burst users

    Has anyone seen any real period photos or pics in books or mags or L. P. album covers from 1958 to 1963 of any artist using a sunburst, PAFequiped,single cutaway Les Paul guitar? The first person I saw ever playing one was Keith Richard circa 1964. How about before 64, no Black bluesmen with...
  5. jubelo

    imperfect LPs

    I went to check out a 57 GT historic & a 54 custom Historic, both new. The 54 BB was heavy & sounded dead, & had scratches the neck. The 57 GT was light, resonant, nice B-bat neck,pups were not quiet for HBs, a tad micophonic too.The saddest part was the back of the neck had a gouge in the...
  6. jubelo


    Just what is a deadspot on the neck of a guitar? Is it one note that sounds out of tune, when it sounds in tune at any other fret (same string, tuned to proper pitch etc.) If this is what a deadspot is, what is the cause of this phenomenea ? Any remedies other than selling the insturment, or...
  7. jubelo

    knobs & such

    I read with amusement that Burstboy says the greater bodyfat will give greater sustain. I disagree, a pair of muttonchop sideboards will definitly give you greater sustain thru your Les Paul. As proof of this fact, checkout some period pics of the greats, Beano Clapton, early Fleetwood Pete...
  8. jubelo

    Raw Power LES

    Has anyone checked out the Raw Power Les Paul Standard?What is this guitar finished with , If any?Any noticable diffrence in sound to a regular Standard? Does anyone like that unfinished look? & lastly, what is the lowest price for a new one stateside. jubelo
  9. jubelo

    First L.P reissue

    The first Les Paul that could have been a fairly accurate reissue was a 56 goldtop, which came out in 1968. I had a chance to buy one of these in the late 1980s. in player condition for $900. I turned it down because of a collapsed bridge(foolishpicky me ). Does any LP lover know why Gibson...
  10. jubelo

    Re:L.P. Custom R.I.s & tuners

    Re:L.P. Custom R.I.s & tuners Does anyone know why Gibson puts Grover machines on its Historic L.P. Customs? The originals had goldback Klusons.I know that these 1950s machines were not that great, but they are accurate to the insturment, The NOS goldtops & bursts have tuners that are of the...