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Recent content by King Loudness

  1. King Loudness

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    If I had a guitar that cool, I certainly would NOT be selling it... W.
  2. King Loudness

    New info about the Steve Jones '50s LP Custom has surfaced for any Pistols fans

    It has been revealed as a '57 model, SN# 7 3142. (filmed in the 6 Denmark St. flat where the Pistols rehearsed; the guitar talk starts at about 4min) The current owner doesn't state where Steve got the guitar or when, but I did some further digging and found an interview with Steve Jones...
  3. King Loudness

    Tom Bukovac Live. A Bit of 58 Burst action

    That was a killer show. If I'm honest, that TV Jnr of his is the one that has my heart though. W.
  4. King Loudness

    Possible Burst Sighting (9 2232 - "Dubliner Attic Burst")

    Hi friends, I was perusing Reverb today and saw this listing for what is being called a Bigsby'd '59 Sunburst. Unfortunately there are not many photos posted. I have no idea of its provenance (considering the storied history of Denmark St. and vintage guitars) but I thought I would share with...
  5. King Loudness

    New Guitar Day ('59 Jnr content)

    Hey everyone here on LPF! I'm a long-time lurker but infrequent poster -- quick intro, my name is Will and I'm a 25 year old guitarist from Eastern Canada. After many eons of time... I got my dream guitar and I thought I'd share it here: EDIT: Yikes, I didn't realize the photos were going to...