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    70's Gibsons. Show off your Norlins.

    1978 bone stock custom Bought in 98? for a little over 800. Had the cracked nut then, but all the paint was still on the neck, infact if memory serves it was nearly mint when I brought it home. Was my main guitar for 15 years or so, before I discovered p90's... still play it regularly, still...
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    Let's see pics of you gigging with your Lester!

    From 2007 Last show I played, no band, just me, and the purple demon. I might be wearing that shirt right now....
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    The Fabled Les Paul/Gibson tuning issues?

    So I've watched a bunch of Youtube vids, and even had folks comment back stage at shows that Gibson's don't stay in tune. "nah brah, I need a floyd rose just to stay in tune dude... I don't even use the wammy, just the locking nut" (to later go on stage and make faces while imitating Dave...
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    WTB trashed, broken basket case Les Paul

    Prefer p90/mini routed bodies, (Deluxe and or gold tops )but will consider standards or customs as well. Must be full weight, I.E. not "weight reduced" models, no studios etc Fret board needs to be intact at a minimum and any large broken bits present or at least enough to give an impression...
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    Mini Humbuckers, VS P90s

    So, I know how I feel about em, p90's for the win. but does anyone like the mini buckers? Curious minds want to know.