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Recent content by MattD1960

  1. MattD1960

    Thoughts on this flame top?

    ALWAYS PLAY IT, might sound like a crack of thunder but in terms of just the looks department i agree with the esteemed gentlemen above, kinda basic
  2. MattD1960

    the R9's are so passé .... now its all about the 58's ...

    They all have some cool tops, some 59s look to BBQ some 58s look like a bad LP classic with a clown finish some 60s look to much like the tomato soup can, and have way over stated tops. the point is THEY ARE ALL COOL AND ALL DIFFERENT. the 58,59,60 are all similar enough to be lumped together...
  3. MattD1960

    '58 Burst in South Africa

    never meant to sound like i was breaking news haha. i hope joe digs it. it looks fantastic
  4. MattD1960

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    Not really a "guitar" album but The Band- The Band ( brown album) those songs changed my life, its the most "important" music i have ever found and it found me at a time when i was trying to be a GUITAR HERO, in the local scene and in my own mind. I never leave the house without that on my...
  5. MattD1960

    Paul Kossoff's "Darkburst" folder

    Flipped front pick up. Thats strange
  6. MattD1960

    Finally! My First R9!

    FANTASTIC. Nothing better then a new and might i say beautiful guitar. enjoy it ROCK OUT
  7. MattD1960

    Boost pedals, which one do you play?

    I use a tc Boost into a ocd into a KTR and depending on how much gain/boost I am looking for ill pick one two or run all three for maximum face meltyness
  8. MattD1960

    '58 Burst in South Africa

    On instagram this morning it looks like Joe B bought this or at least has it in hand
  9. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    the idea the heavies of the era had a masterplan relating to ECs guitars seems a little outa focus, most likely it was no different then anyone of us having something ripped off at a local club, which most of us have probably gone thru. and at this point its less and less about how did it grow...
  10. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    BUT i have also heard the legend that Greeny actually has beanos case.
  11. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    if you know someone at netflix give em my number id gladly take their backing and search the globe for Beano
  12. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    the conjecture surrounding this guitar in particular is INSANE, i have been on this forum for 10+ years, checking in sometimes being more active then others but one thing u can always count on, on the old LPF is a good beano thread going. I will say if it did surface with definitive proof of...
  13. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    I can imagine potentially its a sore subject. these threads over the years always turn into conjecture about ECs "feelings" I wish some guitar publication, or maybe Mr.Bacon the author of the article in question here would just ring up eric and ask for the definitive Beano interview, and if...
  14. MattD1960

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    id venture ur probably correct, that Eric knows more about the subject then hes letting on. it could be a Jeff Beck situation, they offered beck his JBG burst back and he passed on the guitar. Id like anyone who has a chance to do a serious sit down interview with EC to actually directly ask...
  15. MattD1960

    Your Best Concert Ever?

    Maybe not the best musical show but i was 1000000% swept up in the buzz of the thing Oct 24 2005 MSG Cream reunion I had just turned 15 years old, I got 4 tickets in the worst possible section we were almost behind the stage. My Sister who could have cared less about Cream but loved her...