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  1. mistersnappy

    A nice '60 at Emerald City

    Damn, I feel old. Cool video but, I’m feel like I’m that guy but thirty years ago. No Custom Shop back then, just Vintage for $$$ that would make you sick. Lol.
  2. mistersnappy

    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    Maybe post this in the Forum section about reissues? Those folks might have better idea.
  3. mistersnappy

    Current bursts for sale...

    You could save 200K and just get that old Bluesbreaker Marshall. Sounds great.
  4. mistersnappy

    Luthier in Dallas-Ft Worth Area

    I hope this is an appropriate forum for this... I'd like some some recommendations for a luthier in the DFW/North Texas area, please. My 52 Conversion needs some work done and I really don;t want to ship it. Much rather drive it. Thanks for any help.:dude:
  5. mistersnappy

    1953 Custom at Emerald City

    Hi all. They just posted this video a couple days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNsZ4MLgt_8 Two things I'm curious about: 1. He says that there were no serial numbers on Les Pauls in 1953 and weren't added until the "next year". There were in fact some finally added as that year (1953)...
  6. mistersnappy

    do you remember the first real burst you saw in person? first burst you've played?

    I would love to see more of that "UnBurst". I've only seen three photos: BOTB, Billy's Gearhead book, and couple snapshots from about 1972.
  7. mistersnappy

    WTB: Gibson pre-War EH-185 Lap Steel body/project

    Howdy. I've got the pickup and harness for a 1940-42 EH-185 Lap Steel but need something to put them in! The pickup is that short, slanted pre-P90 with tortoiseshell housing and adjustable polepieces. Contact me at catfishandbeignets at gmail.com Cheers!
  8. mistersnappy

    Slash picks up a new '59

    I wonder if Robert is playing that guitar in this pic with Billy G?
  9. mistersnappy


    This video has gone viral. Its gets really yogurt-y at 1:10. Best demo video this year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnLB_kuOI68
  10. mistersnappy

    Need help finding 3/4 size electric

    Hi all, My good friend and musical soul mate has neuropathy from Type 1 Diabetes and its affecting his hand strength, especially with barre chords. I thought maybe a 3/4 size guitar might help. I know nothing about those guitars and was wondering what I/he should look for. Any particular...
  11. mistersnappy

    71-72 Les Paul Top Carves

    I hope I'm in the right Forum for this. Can some folks please post some pics of the top carves from these years? I'm interested in those "'54-''58" Reissue Goldtops and have searched various places for good carve shots but don't really have much success. I'm Top Carve-obsessed and I'm pretty...
  12. mistersnappy

    The Negatives.

    I wonder, does Gibson keep a log of who declined having their Vintage Burst or Les Paul made into a CC or Artist Model? :hmm Maybe it doesn't matter. If you can get Clapton to sign off on a reproduction of a guitar that was stolen and he hasn't seen in 48 years ago...