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    Show your guitar rooms!

    Pat would say, Google that chit https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=guitar+rooms&form=HDRSC2&first=1&tsc=ImageHoverTitle
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    Historic Makeovers: R7 -> R9

    very nice indeed i can't believe that flame was under that gold
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    I have Tweed Deluxe chubbie

    out of the UK
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    I have Tweed Deluxe chubbie

    shipment incoming to USA, but not to me ... I'm still open to suggestions so i assume your vote is Victoria 20112 ?
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    overwhelmed with pedal choices what would you recommend?

    put this on the front side of that marshall also, old school 120v tc electronics stereo chorus - run two amps in stereo like JB does. and it has a sweet preamp built in which you can dial in with the twist of a knob- set it and forget it - working even if the pedal is off
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    I have Tweed Deluxe chubbie

    thanks i spy a silvery colored metal box
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    So What Is Your Opinion On The 59 Greeny Coming In 2023

    you hit the nail on the head for me ... i have a guitar that I'm really enjoying BUT jump between the pickup lower (wide but not angry) and pickup raised (angry authoritative) One day I had a small combo angled upwards in the corner of a room and as weird as it may sound, you could see/hear...
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    I have Tweed Deluxe chubbie

    there is a Lazy J shipment incoming to the USA shortly and I'm thinking about a Lazy J 20, it comes with ... reverb - tremolo - reverb/trem foot sw - variac - switch between 6L6 and 6V6 - MId boost sw - Bass cut sw at first i was fender deluxe then victoria cause it had a half power switch...
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    So What Is Your Opinion On The 59 Greeny Coming In 2023

    for my man in the north make sure you blue tooth this to your 600 watt surround sound and 60in flat screen
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    This is the coolest Historic I have seen in 20 years ....

    only because you asked didn't greeny have a wraparound tail piece or was that kossoff also thought greeny had a sixties switch tip , the original broke or something very nice guitar that's all i got
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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Mat, Hopefully it's not us and/or covid keeping you from this forum and just a busy work schedule bogging you down. As far as the remarks I personally made and/or questions about the entire guitar being aged, if it's time constraints - then it is what it is and when Gibsons backlog finally...
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    Pickup color

    that looks sweet notice any change in sonics w/o the covers on?
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    This is a Pat Boyack inspired thread ...

    I saw a video of the "The Javelinas" with Pat and noticed what looked like a car seatbelt (i could be wrong) as a guitar strap and thought that was pretty cool and/or different. i'm plain-Jane wide leather, so here's a pic and please post your crazy or plain straps tried to post image but can not