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  1. Musicman

    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    Yeah, that's an older one if the serial number on the back is the same. I'm having a hard time seeing in the picture. What the serial number?
  2. Musicman

    Regrets .....

    Regrets spelled backwards is stergeR! ☠️
  3. Musicman

    NGD-LP Classic Translucent Cherry

    Nice congrats!
  4. Musicman

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    If it's a good guitar it doesn't matter when it was made.
  5. Musicman

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced tea reviews (50s neck)

    There's noticeable differences between every guitar. It's if it's that noticeable to you that matters.
  6. Musicman

    NGD - Slash Les Paul Standard

    Inlays aren't centered? :unsure: Anyways congrats!
  7. Musicman

    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Nice congrats!
  8. Musicman

    Historic Makeovers NGD

    Great pics congrats!
  9. Musicman

    Vintage Les Paul and Burst Weights

    Very nice as usual Mike!