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  • Hey, I don’t know if there’s a DM feature on here but I live in Finland too and was considering a Bavarian makeover one day, do you still have yours? I’m interested to see how it faded seeing as the finish was so close to the factory finish. Kiitos!

    I could be interested in your Goldie.
    Where in Finland do you live?
    Are you close to the Norwegian border up north?
    I live in Norway.

    Hey naga, I saw your posting about your CC#2 that you're hoping to sell and thought I would shoot you a quick message with my thoughts.
    With everything going on in the world, the guitar market right now is really weird. I have personally seen only one CC#2 Les Paul sell on the public market. If my memory serves me correctly it sold for around US$10,000… however that was a few years ago so take that with a grain of salt. If it were me I would hold onto the guitar and wait for as long as I could until the markets begin to recover. Granted, I'm not sure what you have into it or what your intentions are. I also know the European markets can be a little different at times. But by any account I wouldn't trust the other prices online. I personally believe anyone asking $15,000-$18,000 is out of there minds and is hoping someone wealthy enough takes the bait. But like I said, take this with a grain of salt as I am a private seller and collector I'm not a dealer. Best of luck… Keep me updated!
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