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  1. Nick-O

    I bought a Murphy Lab R-9

    I can see it if I click on the link...very nice too!
  2. Nick-O

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    Had some great Fralin Hum canceling P90s for several years. I had no choice at the time and had to get hum cancelling for our regular gig, and thought I compromised but they were great, no regrets other than selling that guitar for some stoopid reason. My favorite are Tyson Tone though. They...
  3. Nick-O

    Duane Allman - Derek & The Dominos

    This is almost exactly what Bobby Whitlock said on his YT channel. I think we just have to enjoy what we have.
  4. Nick-O

    Duane Allman - Derek & The Dominos

    I agree with this. Again, going back to Bobby Whitlock and comments by Eric...the tape was sped up and slowed, there was all sorts of interference and it just wasn't well recorded. The issue is there were some mighty jams, and so much inspiration. We just have to enjoy it for what it is, and...
  5. Nick-O

    who makes the absolute best vintage Firebird mini buckers ?

    Same here....these are 1993's though...
  6. Nick-O

    Gibson Sonex 180 Custom or Deluxe?

  7. Nick-O

    Finish Blistering

    I had this same issue with a 2014. The blisters popped and I contacted Gibson and they did not seem too interested in helping at the time. Maybe things are better there now, but I would call, or have it taken care of locally.
  8. Nick-O

    2009 R9 Specs

    I am reading this like he tried the doctors guitar...so the same hands are in use on both guitars(?). I don't have a dog in the race, and believe the player is ultimately the key to tone, but specs contribute for sure...
  9. Nick-O

    Duane Allman - Derek & The Dominos

    I don't believe so. Bobby sounded pretty down about it and believed the original vinyl was better. They had to adjust the timing manually for Duane's parts, thus the somewhat out of tune parts, so I don't know how to say what would be best...being there in the studio I reckon.
  10. Nick-O

    Duane Allman - Derek & The Dominos

    From what Bobby Whitlock has stated on his YT channel, that remix is a disaster. The method they had to use to get Duane's work on there was poor to start with, and apparently the remaster did it no justice. Check his channel, he speaks much about it. Duane wasn't brought in as a hired gun, he...
  11. Nick-O

    Very early Historic '57 Les Paul Custom light reliced :)

    I don't usually feel drawn to relics, but this one has that something going on.
  12. Nick-O

    Anyone using Sigil humbuckers?

    They are decent pickups. Very SG like in the guitar I have them in, which is trebly a the best of times. I think my Rolph 58s are the best pickups I've played so it is hard for me to compare them to these. They do a stellar job on ABB slide stuff though.
  13. Nick-O

    Pre wired loom's for Les Paul's.

    Is that diagram 50s wiring?