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Recent content by Nick-O

  1. Nick-O

    Check out this sweetie pie 2001 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

    Love your vocals man....sounds great.
  2. Nick-O

    Pre wired loom's for Les Paul's.

    You posted these on the other sites as well. Obviously you have some personal interest in this company. Spam.
  3. Nick-O

    Found on EBay- Need help

    Wildwood is a large volume guitar shop out west. Looks like it might be an unburst, but its just a name...totally subjective. If you like it, the price is decent-ish.
  4. Nick-O

    Where are they now...

    Indeed I did....I'm getting old....lovely guitar!
  5. Nick-O

    Where are they now...

  6. Nick-O

    Where are they now...

    Mr. Randy, have you ever discussed that amazing LP in your avatar? It looks perfect!!
  7. Nick-O

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    I honestly expected the Rand K saddles to come in a lot higher than this. There is plenty of meat on the top of the saddle and the construction looks right. But, ears don't lie...well...mine do, but I think yours might work pretty well Don. I appreciate your thoughts on all 4 of them.
  8. Nick-O

    NGD Wildwood 1958 LP

    Back looks amazing....!
  9. Nick-O

    Who makes an under 30W head that REALLY sounds like a Plexi!?

    Try and get a minute to call Greg on the phone Ed. Tell him all the details and the tone you are after. He plays well and knows the alley you are trying to get down, plus he is full of knowledge and a pleasure to speak with. .02¢
  10. Nick-O

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    Very cool Ed! I have heard that Blonde box direct into FOH, and thought it had an always on speaker simulator, but obviously I didn't look close enough. Really pleased you found a decent place for it all, and now you can have a Reverb sale too! Have a great holiday my friend!
  11. Nick-O

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    Chase Tone for the win!!!! hahaha!
  12. Nick-O

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Yes, same question. I have Dave put me on the list, but that is as far as it went. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Nick-O

    Three Gibson Song

    Sounds like Faces!! Well done man.
  14. Nick-O

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    I think something like this with an original NOS EP-3 chip in it...I am no pedal builder, but I know for a fact it is in here...happy to send it to you to try if these other pedals aren't right.
  15. Nick-O

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

    Both crowded into a corner....