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  1. PaulSG

    NGD - 2016 Standard

    I haven't bought a LP in 10 years. Went into the store for strings and ended up buying this. 2016 Standard AAA top in Trans Amber. Not sure what those double cream pickups are. They have gold screws. Will get better pics soon, but right now I'm going to go play it.
  2. PaulSG

    New to me: 97 American Lonestar Strat

    Found this at a local music store today. 1997 American Lonestar. Included Fender molded HSC. Doesn't look like it's ever really been played. Not a bit of buckle rash on the back. I went into the store to buy some picks, but I couldn't go home without this.
  3. PaulSG

    Pedal Questions

    So I'm looking at finally building a pedal board instead of using the all in one boards I have in the past. I'm planning on buying a Pedaltrain 2 and a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 plus. I have a MXR Phase 90 and a Boss CE-2 chorus. Which comes first in the chain or does it matter? Here's my plan...
  4. PaulSG

    Marshall class 5 wiring question

    I have a Class 5 combo and just recently picked up a matching C110 cabinet. When I connect the cab to the combo, the combo's speaker is disabled. Anyone know of a wiring mod that can be done to keep the combo speaker active when the cab is plugged in? Maybe a wiring diagram?
  5. PaulSG

    New Jersey Trip

    I'm heading to Monroe Township NJ tomorrow for a training class at the Mori Seiki facility. The class is Thursday so I'll have a few hours to kill tomorrow night after I check in at the hotel. Can anyone recommend some guitar stores to check out? Any good restaurants in the area? Basically any...
  6. PaulSG

    Any SolidWorks User

    I just got the 2008 version of SolidWorks at work. This is my first direct exposure to it. Any one here use it on a regular basis? Please tell me the learning curve isn't going to be as long as it seems right now.
  7. PaulSG

    Holiday Party?????

    Hi Mark, Any plans for a Christmas Party this year? Steve
  8. PaulSG

    Bias always necessary?

    I'm going to be replacing the stock tubes in my Blues Junior with JJ EL84's. Do I need to adjust the bias? I did a search for bias, but the threads I found confused me.
  9. PaulSG

    Blues Junior Tube Upgrade

    Would these be the correct tubes to upgrade my Blues Junior?
  10. PaulSG

    Ebay Rant

    I've been selling a few guitars of late and I've been listing some at $.99 and no reserve. Usually after a few hours of the listing being active I get a bid. Then after 24 hours or so a few more bids have been placed. At this point the guitar might be at $25 or so. When I look at the bidders...
  11. PaulSG

    What happened to the Stand-By switch?

    The two most recent tube amps I've purchased don't have one. '07 Epi Valve Jr and a '06 Blues Junior Just seems odd to me to have a tube amp without one. :hmm
  12. PaulSG

    2004 Melody Maker

    I went to a local store this morning to try out a used Blues Junior they had. Found this sitting on a stand in amongst several used guitars. Liked the sound of them both so much I made an offer and brought them home for $425. Not a bit of buckle rash on the back and I can't even see a hint of...
  13. PaulSG

    Tell me about the Fender Blues Junior

    There's one for sale locally. How do they sound? Do you recommend them? :salude
  14. PaulSG

    Ebay offers it's own "sniping" software

    Check it out
  15. PaulSG

    Fret Doctor in Pictures

    After reading several posts from members stating what a great product Fret Doctor is, I decided to give it a try. The guitar is a 2002 Standard that had a very dry, cracked fret board. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let them speak for themselves. BEFORE FRET DOCTOR...