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  1. PierceLP

    NAD 1954-57 Silvertone 1331

    I recently posted about a super medalist i bought on layaway. Well i wanted to help with the kids' christmas gifts so i took the money out of it. Then i was gifted this beautiful Silvertone 1331 from a friens whose mother used it from back in the day. I believe its 8 watts, original tubes and...
  2. PierceLP

    NAD -60s Gibson Super Medalist

    Walked into guitar center in Cerritos CA today, went to check out some condenser mics, ended up buying a Gibson Medalist... no condenser mic :laugh2: The only down side is that i have to wait till January 7th to pick it up! But i am super excited nonetheless! For $380 i think i got a great...
  3. PierceLP

    LA Amp Show 2016

    I apologize if this has been covered before but how many of you are going to the Amp show this year? I went today, met Mitch Colby, super awesome guy, shared some cool stories of Howard Dumble, and his amps are second to none. The other company that really stood out to me were the Redplate amps...
  4. PierceLP

    2017 Gibson lineup discussion

    Well everyone.. its just about that time of year where Gibson announces the next years lineup. As of the past couple years, its made all of us quite nervous:rofl So i wanted to ask everyone, what are your hopes (realistic and not) for the 2017 line up. colors? Reissues? Changes overall? I hope...
  5. PierceLP

    Led Zeppelin BBC Remaster

    http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/tbl-news/announcing-the-forthcoming-release-of-led-zeppelin-the-complete-bbc-sessions/ Fellow Zeppelin nerds! We rejoice! Page is about to release a full Remaster of the BBC Sessions that took place between 69-71 along with some unreleased performances of those...
  6. PierceLP

    Epiphone "inspired by 1955" Les Paul

    http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Les-Paul/Ltd-Ed-Inspired-by-1955-LP-Custom-Outfit.aspx Just saw this today. Epiphone is releasing a 1955 inspired les paul with Gibson USA p90s. I gotta say i really love this guitar from first glance. What do you guys think?
  7. PierceLP

    NGD Jeff Beck strat!7

    Just got this in today! I got it because of the LSR nut and locking tuners. It has a slightly thicker neck than the USA standards. Its one of the smoothest strats ive ever played! Heres some photos!
  8. PierceLP

    Replacing the PCB Board

    Stew-Mac wiring harness (SG) Hey everyone! I have a quick question. i have a 2016 SG standard that i absolutely love. The neck.. the weight.. etc.. but the only thing that keeps on bugging me is the sound. it has the 490r/498t with a pcb board. I want to replace the pickups but i dont feel like...
  9. PierceLP

    just installed a Whole lotta humbucker!

    Wow am i seriously impressed with it! it replaced the 57 classic + in the bridge of my sig t. Immediately i noticed the clarity and bite these pickups have. The 57+ was ready an awesome pickup and i couldnt imagine there being many others out there that could be better than this but i have to...
  10. PierceLP

    NGD 2016 SG Standard!

    Ive been waiting a loong time for a good SG standard and the wait is finally over! I gotta say that my first impression left me speechless. The color.. the fit and finish is excellent! The "Gibson Deluxe" tuners feel very sturdy actually. I never thought id like the batwing pickguard as much as...
  11. PierceLP

    Royal 15 Watt combo

    If you guys are as crazy about Page's tone as i am then you know about companies like Reeves and Royal making some pretty amazing sounding amps.. i just discovered this today and man im so impressed with the tone of this little thing! Thought you guys would enjoy :)
  12. PierceLP

    Dating a Vintage Reissue strat.

    Hey all!!! I have had this burning question regarding my strat.. and of all the research ive done i cannot figure out the specific year that my strat is based on lol. I need some "strat eyes" to help. What i do know is that it was made in 1997. The believe the color is Inca Silver? And the neck...
  13. PierceLP

    my first Robben Ford experience

    Just wanted to share a fun experience that me and many other folk had last night at the Hollywood Guitar Center. Robben Ford did a little shoe there and signed CDs and Vinyls for everyone after and man it was a great experience. I was front row right in front of his Dumble (purposely made sure i...