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  • pinefd
    pinefd replied to the thread Where's Charlie (CDaughtry) Been?.
    Instabook, Facetube; I can't keep up with all of them. I'm more of an old fashioned forum kinda guy. Frank BTW, Hello Charlie!
  • pinefd
    pinefd reacted to MikeSlub's post in the thread Added link to Burst Serial Numbers with Like Like.
    At the top of the main page, the options tabs across, I added a tab to link to Julio's Burst Serial Number website for LPF Member...
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    pinefd reacted to BEKAY's post in the thread A shot of Bourbon! with Like Like.
    Howdy fellow guitarted friends.. It's been a minute, so I thought I would share my #1 Gibby 2018 R9 Bourbon Sheptone BK Humbuckers...