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Recent content by ppgf

  1. ppgf

    check my article on michael stevens in vintage guitar.

    those of you who have been in the vintage guitar game know that michael stevens is an american treasure. i recently had the opportunity to write this article about a great builder and friend, as part of their spread on the fender custom shop.
  2. ppgf

    probett rocket 59 tv in house. burst killer!!!!

    i recently took delivery of this extraordinary instrument from english super builder damian probett. ostensibly a burst in double cut clothing. old growth honduras mahogany, eastern maple, amazonian rosewood board, royalite binding. check the pickups. rod mag alnico 5 4 conductor hums.
  3. ppgf

    my last historic was a 2013. what changes can i expect?

    ​with my incoming standard 2016 r8? thanks in advance.
  4. ppgf

    dark cherry sunburst 2016 historic finish examples?

    anyone have any good example of this finish? can't find anything outside of the guitar i just snagged online. thanks in advance.
  5. ppgf

    incoming dave's guitar historic content.

    i haven't bought a new gibson in 8 years. having been hipped to dave's blow out sale here, i jumped on this.
  6. ppgf

    my main strat. one of four fender custom shop artist protos.

    got this a few years back from my friend alex. it was one of four artists proofs built in the fender r&d model shop for an artist model that never saw the light of day. i've offered it for sale a couple of times but it's just too much guitar for most people. i have now embraced it.
  7. ppgf

    lentz/fender custom shop/johan gustavsson blackguard

    been working to put together my ultimate blackguard. after a few years of swapping out components, i landed here and couldn't be happier with the results. *old lentz trussrod free neck (@ least .950"-1" soft v, 9.5" radius, vintage frets) *super light fender custom shop nos esquire body *mojo...
  8. ppgf

    killer, top, korina, brazilian, unburst, nitro. what's *not* to like?

    i recently had the opportunity to acquire this extraordinary instrument (which national treasure michael stevens created for austin based guitarist mitch watkins in 1999).
  9. ppgf

    stevens lj. burst killer. brazilian/honduras mahogany/sick top.

    1990 fender custom shop stevens lj. crafted by michael stevens and the late john english. extraordinary design/materials/execution.
  10. ppgf

    edge of insanity

    i routinely get guitars shipped from europe without incident. this just arrived from japan.
  11. ppgf

    my favorite r9 extrapolation. killer top content.

    those who know me know that i'm a korina fiend. not surprisingly, my favorite iteration of the r9 series was the brief run of 2008 korina/western maple joints. huge necks, light weight *solid* bodies. extremely resonant and and absolute joy to play. been looking for one for years, after...
  12. ppgf

    michael stevens neo classic prototype. dotmarker meets burst!!!

    recently had the opportunity to acquire the proto for the stevens neo classic. exceptional instrument by a legendary builder. double white tom holmes (450 neck/455 bridge) royalite binding carved eastern red maple top honduras mahogany back and neck brazilian rosewood fingerboard
  13. ppgf

    baddest burst player.

  14. ppgf

    any pics of burst headstock sideview?

    anybody? thanks in advance.
  15. ppgf

    my favourite yaron les paul. don't think i've shared it here.

    yaron bone. anyone here check one out yet?