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  1. Red Baron

    NGD: Wildwood Spec 58 Les Paul

    Awesome top, love the flecks and hint of flame, enjoy!
  2. Red Baron

    what the most mineral flecked historic of all times ?

    A 2000 R9 plaintop that I used to own...
  3. Red Baron

    Are the recent Historic Les Pauls the best Les Pauls Gibson has made since 1960

    Having owned original '68 Goldtops, 4 original mid 50's Goldtops and owned and played many Reissues over the past 20 or so years, I can say that my 2021 Custom Shop R4 is probably the best all-round Les Paul that I've ever owned. The build quality, playability, finish, neck dimensions, light...
  4. Red Baron

    What games to you play?

    Wow I can't believe that I started this thread 16 years ago! Yes Wilco, Virtual Mechanix creates 3D vehicle models for games, and I have another small business called RevHeadz that makes interactive engine sounds apps. Btw no worries at all posting the pic.
  5. Red Baron

    Custom Goldtop question '68 vs other goldtop custom shop

    Gibson CS pickups are really nice, especially their P90's. I haven't played a 70th Anniversary Broadcaster but if they're anything like a Nocaster then I'd assume that they're hugely versatile and capable of a wide variety of soulful tones... it's hard to go past a good blackguard. :cool:
  6. Red Baron

    Custom Goldtop question '68 vs other goldtop custom shop

    I'm not sure which 60 you have, the link that you've posted is the same as I posted (for the CS '68 Reissue). 54-57 goldtop Reissues (over the past few years) typically have necks that are around .9100 1st fret, with small shoulders, which are only slightly beefier than the 68. My main guitar...
  7. Red Baron

    Custom Goldtop question '68 vs other goldtop custom shop

    Are you refering to a special order with a slim neck? Because Gibson lists the neck specs as Authentic '68 Medium C-Shape. The average size for a '68 Medium C-Shape is around .900 1st - 1.00 12th, which is definitely not slim by any means. This neck size is consistent with a lot of other current...
  8. Red Baron

    Custom Goldtop question '68 vs other goldtop custom shop

    I haven't actually played a Custom Shop 68, but I have owned and played a few originals and they tended to have hotter and more rawcus sounding P90's than those from the 1950's. So considering the high-level of attention to detail given to the CS 68's, I assume that they would also have hotter...
  9. Red Baron

    riddle me this one Batman ,,,,,,,, ( subject : 2007 Les Paul 54 Goldtop Historic )

    There is lightweight and heavyweight wood from every year, some sound amazing and some are dogs regardless of the weight, and some people aren't too worried about weight (and Gibson would know that). You just need to keep an eye out for that special one that ticks all of the boxes for you. I...
  10. Red Baron

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    Yes it definitely could be a sweet spot. I've owned 4 original 54/55 goldtop's, the lightest of which was bang on 8 lbs and it was very 'honky' and thin sounding. The heaviest was a 55 that weighed 9.5 lbs and although it sounded great (big sounding guitar), it didn't have the resonance or the...
  11. Red Baron

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    My new R4 weighs exactly the same as yours, super lightweight but still packs a big punch, absolutely awesome guitars!
  12. Red Baron

    Tone King Imperial MK2

    I use the Protein with both channels, it sounds great with either, but I also like the natural amp overdrive of both channels... it's a versatile rig.
  13. Red Baron

    Tone King Imperial MK2

    The Browne Protein is a dual overdrive, one side is a tweaked Bluesbreaker and the other is a tweaked Nobles ODR-1 and they work brilliantly together. The Bluesbreaker is more upper mids and the Nobles is really strong in the lower mids, it’s a rare overdrive that doesn’t strip the lower mids...
  14. Red Baron

    What were you doing at 11 years old?

    I started guitar lessons at 11, and one of the first songs I was taught was Yellow River by Christie.
  15. Red Baron

    Tone King Imperial MK2

    I've owned an Imperial MkII head/cab for a couple of months now and I'm definitely still in the honeymoon phase, and I can't see myself ever wanting to part with it. I was a die-hard Carr and Magnatone fan for the past 15 years and I've owned quite a few of them, but this Imperial is on a...