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I play Lespauls,Telecasters and Martins.I'm a veteran player,for over 30 years.I have a modest gig history,64 live shows with 4 different bands.Some covers but mostly originals.Over 200 open mike/ jam shows.

I'm still quite comfortable improvising live,and play daily at home,for my personal enjoyment.I also enjoy playing solo acoustic covers,with meaningful lyrics. My vocals are ok,so i've been told(haha!). Sometimes i go out and play at open stage jams,if it's a host i know.And i play occasionally with friends that i know(always seems to be a drummer,lol!).I may change that and become a little more adventurous, as i have the itch at present.My playing has always been critically approved by my musician peers,and i play to support the band's sound...and try to add value to that.
Current Gear
Lespauls,Telecasters,Martins,Hiwatts,Fenders,Marshalls.3 pedal boards currently.
Previous Gear
Mostly same as above,as i found what i like long ago,and kept my gear.
Musical Influences
Rock,blues,folk,indie(!),country,jazz,avante garde.