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  1. Roy E. Munson

    Switch for 1981 solid body ES-335

    More pictures.
  2. Roy E. Munson

    Switch for 1981 solid body ES-335

    Looking for one of these switches. Anyone know where I can find one? Just picked up one that is missing the switch. Want to restore to original condition. Thanks for any help!
  3. Roy E. Munson

    Buck Owens Harmony Acoustic?

    I remember this from Nirvana unplugged. Saw a local shop has this. Are these guitars special? Or is it just the Buck Owens color scheme that made them desirable? https://www.instagram.com/p/CNvL4s_nCrD/
  4. Roy E. Munson

    2020 / 2021 Epiphone Casino USA

    Anyone played one? How are they? Worth the price? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Roy E. Munson

    USA Casino - Info requested

    talking about the new ones that are being made in the USA again for the first time in decades. 2699 can get a custom shop LP or SG if you work at it. Just wondering if these things will be worth the price. Are they made in the Gibson factory? Same union making the USA Gibsons our are these...
  6. Roy E. Munson

    USA Casino - Info requested

    Anyone know when these will officially come out? I see July"ish"/maybe? Would love to own one. Thoughts on the cost of 2699.99? Would love to hear the experts speak. Thank you
  7. Roy E. Munson

    John Lennon Epiphone Casino Ebay Purchase

    Bought this last night after one too many bourbons. Was feeling frisky. Ive already paid, but now My sober self wonders did I get a deal? Ripped? Or paid what its worth. Im confused about the sticker serial number? Im not sure how to add pics so I just added the link to the sold listing...
  8. Roy E. Munson

    2019 Gibson SG Spaghetti Neck?

    I just bought a new SG. The way I play/rest my arm on the body causes this one to have a bit of a built in whammy. Is that normal? Did I get a lemon? I had an SG years back, but I dont remember it being like this. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about. Thoughts would be...
  9. Roy E. Munson

    PRS McCarty 594 have tapered nuts?

    Do the McCartys have a tapered nut? Thanks!
  10. Roy E. Munson

    Trade my Supro for a Vox?

    First off I am mostly a drummer, but have some cool guitar stuff that I have collected to just toy with. I have a Supro Titan that I think is excellent condition. Its 50 watts. Extremely loud. The tremolo feature does not work at the moment (not sure what happend?). Its a pretty cool amp. I...
  11. Roy E. Munson

    Custom Shop R8 Question

    What does the "LPR8 5" or "LPR8 S" mean? I have never seen this before and was curious. Thank you!
  12. Roy E. Munson

    Goodwill $12.50 Guitar, Anyone know what it is?

    Purchased this little guitar today. I guess its a 3/4 classical from what im being told on the tele forum. Nobody can tell me what year or a brand though. Here is the link to the thread with photos since I cannot post them here. Sorry. Any info helps...
  13. Roy E. Munson

    Reissue Serial #'s?

    Why are they inconsistent? For instance some 2016 1958 reissues will have the seial number on the back that reads R8 12345 and others from the same year will say 8 12345? I have even seen some that will just read 812345. I dont get it? Are these B-stock? Flaws? Please educate me. Thank you.
  14. Roy E. Munson

    Purchasing a R9 Gibson Les Paul....What years do I avoid? What years are choice?

    Hello, I am in the market for a R9. I have read to steer clear of the 2012s due to the laminated boards. Is this true? Whats a good year for them? Should I avoid everything post-2012? I realize they are all excellent guitars. Just want to know the experts feedback. Thanks, Roy E.
  15. Roy E. Munson

    radio channels coming through my amps.

    I currently have a vox ac15, its my 2nd amp in a week. 1st one was a fender blues jr. Anyways, both amps are picking up radio channels in my basement. I picked up a Furman SS-6B Surge Block when I exchanged the fender for the vox to no avail. Issue is that my buddy has a fender twin reverb...