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Recent content by sgtvjr

  1. sgtvjr

    Will Gibson finally make the serial number Ledgers available to us?

    Now that we have a change at the top hopefully Gibson will make the Ledgers available online for us to see. Gibson recently hired Mark Agnessi from Norm's in a position to maybe help in the effort.
  2. sgtvjr

    1958-59 Burst at Mandolin Brothers

    I saw that Mandolin Brothers have a Burst that they are calling a 58-59. They give the serial # as 9-5827. It has too many issues to list here and Im not computer savy enough to provide a link but it would be great for you guys to take a look.
  3. sgtvjr

    Position dot markers on both sides of binding

    I have a 1961 ES 330 td in cherry finish that has position markers on both sides of the neck. There are no holes from a lefty pick guard installation or strap button. The guitar blacklights perfect and the size of the binding and the dots are the same. I also compared the binding size with my...
  4. sgtvjr

    ES330T question

    Anyone own a single pu 330? I have the chance to get a 1960 with a nice birdseye top but I'd like to hear some feedback about the single pick-up. I have owned a few TD's but never a single. Your input would help me make a decision. Thank You
  5. sgtvjr

    ES 225 Tailpiece

    Did Gibson phase out the long trapeeze tailpiece on this model and start putting the regular size tailpiece and bridge set up on the last year for the ES 225? I've seen a few for sale over the years without the long trap. and wondered if this was the case.
  6. sgtvjr

    1960 Burst

    Just saw that Jims Guitars has a 1960 Burst on his website www.jimsguitars.com. the description says uncirculated. Has anyone seen this guitar before?