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    Help on ID please

    My buddy was left this Gibson by his dad. He says he thinks his dad got in late 40's early 50's but he's not sure. I'm just trying to help him find out what it is, and maybe a little more about it, and I figured this would be the place to go. Looks like a beauty.
  2. Thwap

    WCR Green/Moore pickups.....

    Looks like Jim at WCR got his hands on the specs for the pickups in the Green/Moore Paul, and is gonna be manufacturing them soon. Now this....I am stoked about. :lol
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    How ugly is THIS gonna get? http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=2398409
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    My new R8 and his pals

    Picked up this 05 R8 a couple of days ago. Got a beautiful bigass neck, and just screams through my bogner. The whole guitar just vibrates, incredible. I was tuning it up tonight, and the vibrations were actually tickling my fingers through the tuners. That's my 02 standard to the right (really...
  5. Thwap

    Digital Camera Recommendations?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a digital camera, and I know very little about em. Are there any models out there that any of you would recommend for around $300 dollars? Just going to use it for general family photos, and of course guitar stuff. thanx Scott.
  6. Thwap

    Bridge support post fall out???

    I've got an 02 Standard, and yesterday I had the strings off to clean the fretboard, and when I removed my bridge to clean it, both of the support posts were so loose they came out of the body with the bridge. I've never had this happen before...is it normal? When I dropped em back in the body...