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Recent content by Tim Plains

  1. Tim Plains

    Trying to Figure Out if This Is this a Knock Off...

    Should have been obvious looking at the price.
  2. Tim Plains

    Opinion..what’s better?

    I would rank HM as being best but it's not Gibson and some people / collectors care for originally, CCs next, and in house aging I mean ML last. I had a CC7 (2013?), overall sweet guitar, but I hated the bad aging job.
  3. Tim Plains

    What model is my LP custom?

    Long tenon on regular Customs is a more recent thing, maybe 2017/newer, and I believe they are also solid now. This one is much older given that COA. I had a 2007 and it had a short tenon. Your historic serial number is also incorrect as none start with 1.
  4. Tim Plains

    What model is my LP custom?

    Regular Custom. Short tenon, swiss cheese holes.
  5. Tim Plains

    Does anyone remember the price of a Gibson Les Paul VOS R8 in 2007?

    They listed at $3,000 or $3,100 US but that is irrelevant, it's like asking what a burst cost in '59 because you want to buy one now. That would sell used for below $2,500 pre-covid but prices are still a bit high. Long tenon, sheath, yes.
  6. Tim Plains

    Max weight for a R9?

    I remember seeing a 9.7 lb Pearly Gates R9, so not out of the realm.
  7. Tim Plains

    New Custom Shop and Help IDing

    CS 3 and brown COA makes it a 2013. These were generally $3,000 +/- a few hundred pre-covid.
  8. Tim Plains

    Re 'V' meaning

    V = version and it only refers to R0s. V1 is the R9 neck. V2 is the typical R0 neck. V3 is slimmer. Never heard of a V4.
  9. Tim Plains

    What would we call this color burst?

    It's iced tea. That looks nothing like bourbon.
  10. Tim Plains

    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    Gibson has been using audio taper pots since 2009. R0s and G0s have the same neck, more or less, V2. Is this a Murphy or Murphy Lab? There is a difference.
  11. Tim Plains

    Original Weight vs Custom Historics

    How many Les Pauls were made between 1958 - 1960? 1,900? Compare that to the 10,000 reissues they make per year now. Weights are bound to be all over the place.
  12. Tim Plains

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    No, I tend to take my X-ray glasses off when I play.