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Recent content by timsmcm

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    Boost pedals, which one do you play?

    If I am going into a blackface type amp I use the klon, amp on the edge of breakup, 1 to 2 clicks of drive lots of volume control on the guitar. Into big tweed or marshall jtm 45 circuit some form of treble booster. I have had an early time machine boost the 2 vintage choices are outstanding...
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    Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty Les Paul Custom

    Big al it's a single cut Jr. Its all Korina no binding. Sorry I have no idea why I wrote special.
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    60s fender blackface super reverb cab dimensions

    Can any of you fine folks help a brother out with some cab dimensions? I have looked all over the Web and can not find spects. Building a cab for my super reverb chassis I JUST FINISHED.
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    using a small amount of copper on steel studs

    I have steel studs and steel inserts that have been in there for a long time. I was just doing a little work on a few things and found out that the studs were just about seized in the inserts. My question is can you get away with a small amount of copper seize to keep the parts free without...
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    evm 10m in a princeton reverb

    I did a search but did not see anything. Has anyone ever Done this here and if so how did you set it up? Just wondering with that big motor on the back of that driver if it will fit in that original cab?
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    New princeton reverb build

    Just finished this Princeton Reverb chassis build and thought I would throw up some quick and dirty picts of where I am at so far. Haven't decided what cab and speaker to use yet so any thoughts would be helpful. I am testing it through an Ampeg fliptop cab loaded with a fender jbl d140f 15inch...
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    I just can't believe it

    Why in the world would tech 21 stop making the trademark 10? It is such a great little amp and can do so much and is so easy to move around and store. The cleans are very nice for a ss amp. Great slinky spring reverb. And gives a great showing of a lot of great overdriven larger amps at small...
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    Celestion 10 inch gold or other 12 inch

    I am building a Princeton reverb clone an wanted to get some thoughts from others that have experienced different drivers. I love celestion 12 inch golds in my jtm45 combo. I was thinking a 10 inch gold would sound good an have good bottom end. I would think of others but no ri jensons. Have had...
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    Thanks a bunch. Had a great time talking pedals with you at the Dallas guitar show, if you are on the forum. Great guy and knows his tone.
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    Metro jtm 45/100 plexi at the Austin amp show

    I have to say the Metro 45/100 stack is the best tone to my ears I have ever heard. It is a monster and nails that old school tone in spades. From the first chord it is massive and kills any marshall being made now. And George is first rate and a Gracious host at the show. Killer room metro amps.
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    Swart Amps

    I was wondering if any of you men have any Experience with Swart Atomic Space Tone amps? I am about to purchase One of the AST Pro amps. I have heard clips on the net but will not be able to demo one live. What I have heard through clips sounds amazing to me. Wonderful cleans, and fantastic...
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    Guitar Work in Beer League the movie

    I hope I dont sound crazy using a movie but the guitar work in that movie is really cool with a few different styles. I dont know if it is the same person or if they are actually different songs that I dont know but I love it. And I also love the movie actually. Do any of you men know this movie...
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    55ri blackbeauty wraptail

    I called a dealer about one of these and They told me that the 4799.99 price was non negotable. I have to tell you that seems really really high for a non burst custom shop. What do you men think? Too high.
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    Heavy tone on the beatles white album

    What pedal is Harrison using on white album to get that heavy distorted fuz type sound?
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    Help with Ideas for a new build

    I am in the process of building a 45/100 and I am seriously thinking about putting this chassis in a combo type cabinet with two Celestion golds. My question is will the 2/ 12 combo in a cabinet that is a little bigger than the average cabinet, sound big enough to bring the goods out of the...