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    B.B. King's Live at the Regal ES-335

    In the liner notes booklet to the remastered Live At The Regal are pics of BB playing what appears to be a late 50's ES-335 Sunburst Dotmarker with long pickguard, Grovers, Crown Headstock Inlay and a Bigsby. However, the guitar has a Varitone selector switch. Was this a custom order or did...
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    Real Burst + Trainwreck=TONE!!

    Don't know if this clip was posted before but this is killer Burst/Trainwreck tone. Check it out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2_12Ler9B8&feature=related
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    Slash's New Rig

    Found this today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsUKtl9SgUM Cool rig with a bit more rack gear than before. Enjoy!!!
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    Real 1960 Burst

    This is being sold by a guy I know in the Philly suburbs. He has owned small music stores for quite some time. I love the deep red traditional 60 color. Guitar has some issues like the repaired headstock and resprayed neck and missing binding but seems like a fair price. Anyone know this...
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    Bad Co. Mick Ralphs Vintage Tobacco Burst

    There are a lot of youtube clips of the classic lineup. The tones on the solo on this one are awesome. Must be early seventies since MIck still has the Ampeg V-4's left over from Mott. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfHDJYvZPwg
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    Tone Factory Vitamin Q's

    Does anyone have any experience with these caps or the AP Vita Q's. They look really cool but what do they sound like? http://www.specialtyguitars.com/electronics/caps.html
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    New GC Reissue??

    I just received a sale flyer from GC. The cover has a faded tobacco plain top reissue that I thought was an R8. However it has double ring Kluson tuners. Is this the new G0?
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    Remember The Cherry Refinished R0 That Resembled a ES-335

    Can someone help me find the thread about this guitar that was refinished by RS I believe. It also had added appointments like black hardware and black reflector knobs. Kind of a hybrid Les Paul Sweet Cherry and 60's 335 cosmetically. Thanks.
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    Skynyrd Tone PAF Clones

    Ok, here we go again. Saw Skynyrd last weekend in Atlantic City-great show as I was 5 feet in front of Rossington the entire show. I need some recommendations for PAF clones-ie. manufacturer, specs, etc to get those classic tones for my Murphy R9's and Historic Makeover R9 due late in the...
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    Took The Plunge-Historic Makeovers

    I purchased a very decent 2007 R8 VOS yesterday from a forum brother and it will be on the way to Dave Johnson. After talking to Kim the other day-he can talk and play!- I decided to do a non-flamed replica of the dark cherryburst '58 seen at page 28 of the American version of Beauty of the...
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    Great Looking Conversion In Canada

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    Post Your Double Black Exposed Coils

    Please show your Historics with exposed double black coils. I am especially interested in plain tops with open black coils.
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    PAF Repros for Southern Rock

    What do all of you recommend for great southern rock tones-ie the grind of Skynyrd for example?
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    Interesting WCR Humbucker Set

    Check this out: http://www.guitar25.com/index.php?page=store/item_view.php&pageid=8&item_id=A34&subid=
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    Early Gibbons Photo and a Cool Keith Photo

    Check out a beardless Billy G from 1971 and a great shot of Keith Richards with '54 Les Paul Custom from the 1972 tour: http://www.messyoptics.com/bird/zzTop.html http://www.messyoptics.com/bird/stones.html