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  1. tommersjay

    Joe B confirms Beano is with a collector.

    Sorry if this is a repost. I didn't see it mentioned yet. I came across this article that claims Joe B knows that beano is ok and with a collector. Anyone else seen this or know the validity? Its something I've always assumed was the case...
  2. tommersjay


    I recently bought another set of custombuckers. These were listed as mint and I jumped on them. When they arrived today, it looks like someone adjusted the poles on the neck pup. The first three are very low and the last three are very high. Did someone do this or did it possibly come that way...
  3. tommersjay


    Does anyone have any experience with creamtone pickups? I have a custom bucker that needs a companion in the neck position. I am having problems find another custombucker for the neck and was thinking the creamtone might be a good match since they both us A3's. Am I on the right path or does...
  4. tommersjay

    WTB: Custom bucker neck pickup

    Looking for a custom bucker pickup - neck position. Aged or polished nickel.
  5. tommersjay

    The first year for Custom Buckers

    It was my impression that Custom Buckers first came out in 2013. I have bought a couple sets lately after getting a hold of one and falling in love with them. In my new conquest of tone chasing, I discovered some people were selling "custom buckers" that were built in 2011 or 2012. The attached...
  6. tommersjay

    NGD 2016 Les Paul Traditional

    So for Christmas my amazing girlfriend bought me this amazing guitar. Its a 2016 Traditional (T) in light burst. I cannot believe how well it plays and I am just blown away by the overall craftsmanship. This is not my first Gibson so I am familiar with what to expect and this beat all my...
  7. tommersjay

    1960 Gibson ES 175 - Does this appear legit?

    Can someone check this out and tell me if this looks legit? The price seems a bit in the low side. Also, the tail piece seems incorrect. I have been emailing the guy and he claims its original, including the pickups. Any help would be appreciated...
  8. tommersjay

    Pickup went dead on me

    So I was having issues where my bridge pickup was going in and out on me. It basically would lose power after about 5 minutes of playing and sound like someone rolled the volume down to 3. I figured it was the three way selector, so I replaced that. It wasn't that so I replaced both pots. That...
  9. tommersjay

    Trouble with volume pot after rewire and new caps

    So I rewired an existing pushpull volume tone pot for the neck pick up and installed russian PIO caps. I have the pushpull doing a coil split and the bridge pup is wired normally. I know for certain that everything is wired correctly but the volumt pot that was previously mentioned, will not...
  10. tommersjay

    Need help finding a wiring diagram. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    So here goes. I am currently looking to wire a 57 Classic in the neck and 57 classic plus in the bridge. I have 4 push/pull pots in my Les Paul from previously having the Jimmy Page wiring. I am over that and ready to move on. The 57 classic plus is two conductor, so I realize the Jimmy Page...
  11. tommersjay

    Replacing bridge Burstbucker Pro with Vintage 59 or Pearly Gates

    I currently have a 57 classic in the neck position and burstbucker pro in the bridge. I love the 57 classic but the burstbucker sounds way too thin for me. I currently have the Jimmy Page wiring w/ 4 push/pull pots. I want to replace the burstbucker possibly with either an SD Vintage 59 or an SD...