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    Mini Humbucker replacement options?

    Just would like to hear ideas and experience with the various options available when considering replacing the stock Gibson mini-humbuckers on the DeLuxe etc....??? I've got a DiMarzio DLX-81 in the bridge positoin of my guitar now. I've decided to replace it. I'm either going to replace the...
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    1991 All Gold Classic Bargain?

    I just came from a local store that has a 1991 Classic all gold Gold Top for $995 with case. Guitar is in what appears to be excellent condition EXCEPT for the dent/chip on the body where it was apparently dropped onto a hard surface. The dent is substantial and chipped the paint and bent the...
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    FOUND: 1963 Gibson Discoverer Tremolo GA-8T amp!

    Anyone know what this thing is worth? Some young kid has it. It's in excellent all original condition. Down to the original footswitch for the tremolo and the original Jensen 12-inch speaker. In tact, working fine, sounds great. He is asking $300 for it. Should I grab it?
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    Help me ID this Gibson Acoustic Please

    Hi all, I just acquired a neat little Gibson acoustic guitar in a trade. At first, I had no interest in keeping it. I was going to pop it on eBay and move it. However, after playinbg this "rough looking" little guitar, I'm impressed! Beautiful deep tone, nice neck! Anyhow, here are the...
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    HELP: Pup cover pole-screw spacing?

    Well, I'm still trying to figure out how to obtain the correct cover to fit the bridge pickup on my 1990 Les Paul Classic 1960 etc etc. As you know, the Classics come without pup covers from the factory. I converted mine to all gold hardware (see my avatar) and decided to add the gold pup...
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    Question for 3-Pup Owners

    Hi all, I just got my R7 3-pickup Black Beauty a coupe days ago. This thing has THE most awesome neck I have encountered! The ringing sustain is awesome. In short, it's easy to see why everyone talks up these Historic models. VERY nice!!! However, I have never owned a 3-pickup model before...
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    Finally got my R7 !!!

    Hello all, Finally paid off the R7 3-pickup Black Beauty I have been paying on for some time! The neck is fat, plays like a dream and I *really* love the tone from the 57 classic pickups! It's going to take some getting used to the 3-pickup design as it's my first one. It rings as they say...
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    Great Deal on Chet Atkins Country Gentleman?

    Hi all, I found a 1989 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman today that a friend is asking $800 for. It has a lot of wear on the gold, the case is beat up, and there are a couple nicks in the guitar. It's very dirty. But I think it will clean up pretty nicely. Is this a good price? The guitar feels...
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    Late 50's Epiphone 12-sring electric?

    A friend mentioned that he has a late 50's made Epiphone electric solid-body 12-string guitar that is supposed to be very rare. I don't remember seeing one that old. Anyone?
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    Sprague capacitor tester, anyone?

    A friend of mine recently bought some nice equipment that was leftover IBM-owned stuff at an auction. One of the items he got was a Sprague capacitor tester... It can be had cheap if anyone has a use or need for it.
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    All Gold Goldtop to gold Hardware Update

    Almost there! I have most of the gold hardware on my 1990 Classic Gold Top. Some of you may remember way back a few months ago when I posted that I was going to do this project. Several here expressed their disapproval. But having done one before, I knew it would be a beauty. And it is IMHO...
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    Les Paul Gem-series question...

    Hello all, I have a Sapphire Blue Gem series Les Paul. On it, the back of the neck and body of the guitar are blue just like the front (see my avatar). However, a friend tells me his Ruby red Gem has black instead of red on the back of the body and neck. My question, which Gem series Lesters...
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    Oh my GOD. THE most beautiful Les Paul!

    Oh GOD! This has to be the most beautiful Les Paul I have seen! Would someone please buy it and then sell it to me? :-) I'd have to sell 3 guitars to afford it. But I'd seriously consider it!! Anyone want a nice 2000 PRS Custom 22 in whale blue with birds? :-) If you like purple, behold...
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    Thumbs Up to Daves Guitars!!!

    I'm impressed. Talk about excellent service and people. I HIGHLY recommend you give these guys a look! I am in NO way associated or connected to Daves. I just visited their website from the link here on the Forum. AWESOME service. They went out of their way to help. THANKS DAVES!!! :dude
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    Anyone else got one?

    Aryone else have a R7 Black Beauty 3-pickup Custom? How does it compare to your other Les Pauls?