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    Custom 1968 or 1969

    Want to sell it? :-)
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    Les Paul Juniors. Is everyone insane?!

    Hey guys, having some frustration lately. I've been looking for a SB 54-58 (preferable 56) Les Paul Junior and I can't believe how much the prices have skyrocketed during this pandemic, for reference, here is a mint Jr. with original Gator case that sold at Rumble Seat a year or two ago for...
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    Where to get decals to restore Les Paul Junior

    Hi, I have a 1958 LP Junior that had a nasty headstock break before I acquired it. It plays great but I’d like to put back the Gibson Les Paul Junior decals. I bought a decal on Etsy but unfortunately it was very thin. Does anyone know where to get the same quality decals that gibson used back...
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    Can anyone help me find Maestro and Horse Shoe Tremolos and Wraparounds for 61-68 SGs

    Hi, does anyone have recommendations on where to purchase maestros and wraparound bridges for SG juniors and specials? Thank you very much